Fisetin: Take That Ageing! By Mrs Vera West

     With all of us here getting older by the second, we need all the chemical help we can get. Enter fisetin, a chemical found in fruit and vegetables. No, I never heard of it before either.

“Previous research published earlier this year in Nature Medicine involving University of Minnesota Medical School faculty Paul D. Robbins and Laura J. Niedernhofer and Mayo Clinic investigators James L. Kirkland and Tamara Tchkonia, showed it was possible to reduce the burden of damaged cells, termed senescent cells, and extend lifespan and improve health, even when treatment was initiated late in life. They now have shown that treatment of aged mice with the natural product Fisetin, found in many fruits and vegetables, also has significant positive effects on health and lifespan. As people age, they accumulate damaged cells. When the cells get to a certain level of damage they go through an aging process of their own, called cellular senescence. The cells also release inflammatory factors that tell the immune system to clear those damaged cells. A younger person's immune system is healthy and is able to clear the damaged cells. But as people age, they aren't cleared as effectively. Thus they begin to accumulate, cause low level inflammation and release enzymes that can degrade the tissue. Robbins and fellow researchers found a natural product, called Fisetin, reduces the level of these damaged cells in the body. They found this by treating mice towards the end of life with this compound and see improvement in health and lifespan. The paper, "Fisetin is a senotherapeutic that extends health and lifespan," was recently published in EBioMedicine.”

     The take home message is to do what we are doing anyway, namely increase our intake of fruits and vegetables, especially vegetable intake. However, I kindly did some more research and found that there are handy fisetin supplements available, at least on EBay, which you can get via the United States. The best deal I saw was Doctor’s Best brand for $ 23.47, with $ 14.05 postage, a bit too much for this old pensioner lady. The great site did not seem to have any. I will probably spend the money on more organic vegetables.



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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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