Film Your Cultural Marxist Professor? I am Not so Sure By James Reed

     It seems that some students are beginning to film the cultural Marxist rantings of their lecturers and putting it on YouTube for all the world to see:

     In one respect, this is delightful because the general public kneed to see what these rotters get up to on taxpayer’s money, going on all day about “white privilege” even in social statistic classes, just to brainwash students.
But, caution needs to be taken because one enters a legal realm here with issues of intellectual property coming to centre stage. I am not a lawyer, but I imagine that the universities are well prepared to deal with this. Even if there was no direct legal threat to the student for IP violations, there could be some sort of internal disciplinary action, if they catch the student, or if the student or friends revealed the information under interrogation. Remember, for students, universities are close to being “total institutions, like schools and prisons, so students need to be careful: 

     But, as stated at the site, why should they preach revolution in private, at taxpayer’s expense?



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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