Fighting Killer Robots By John Steele

     It looks like the insane computer technocrats will do the inevitable and manufacture killer robots, which will be used to, well, kill you and me. After all, it was done in the movies, so it would be disappointing in a way, if they did not replicate the evils of fiction:

“Just like something straight out of a post-apocalyptic horror film, scientists are now concerned that an Artificial Intelligence robot army that is currently being developed by a top South Korean university could potentially wipe out all of humanity. In February of this year, KAIST University allegedly launched a brand new AI weapons lab, which has thus far led dozens of researchers to believe that the technology being developed there will “have the potential to be weapons of terror.” One of these researchers is Toby Walsh, a professor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, who argued in an open letter:

“If developed, autonomous weapons will… permit war to be fought faster and at a scale great than ever before. They will have the potential to be weapons of terror.” While Professor Walsh did acknowledge that there are many good uses for robotics and Artificial Intelligence within the military, KAIST shouldn’t be able to decide “who lives or dies.” Still, KAIST claims that they have “no intention to engage in development of lethal autonomous weapons systems and killer robots.”

     Clearly, if all this is inevitable, then a major research focus must be on how to defeat such robots, by new generations of weapons. And, since killer robots could go rogue at any time, such as the future one’s to be used in police and guard work, citizens need to have sophisticated weapons to defend themselves, such as laser guns, electromagnetic pulse rifles, anti-matter guns, light sabres and beyond. Conventional firearms are just not enough anymore.

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