Feminism vs Reality By Mrs Vera West

     In an informative article, Alt right terrier Jim Goad, launches a broad side at feminists who maintain that the only thing separating men and women in sport is patriarchal oppression. Break down the barriers and we will soon see women beating men: http://takimag.com/article/ending_gender_discrimination_in_professional_sports_jim_goad/print#axzz4mf7xgrha.

     Goad discusses this proposition with reference to tennis great John McEnroe, who upset the liberal establishment by making the truthful observation that Black female tennis champion Serena Williams was not the best tennis player in the world, only the best female tennis player.  Immediately: racism! sexism!  But Williams herself said that she could not beat the top men, and in fact, the German, Karsten Braasch, who at the time was ranked #203 in the world, played Williams in 1998, and beat her 6-1, after he had played a round of golf and knocked down a few beers!

     Things get worse for women where strength is involved. No woman, even one drenched in steroids, would have a chance of defeating any male boxing or Mixed Martial Arts champion, let alone the heavy weight champion of the world. There is no point even discussing weight lifting or power lifting, because even with drugs, the best women do not place at open international meets. The world’s strongest woman, Becca Swanson, deadlifted 270 kgs (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Becca_Swanson), which is a lot of weight, but my son, without steroids did a deadlift of 250 kg, and a partial lift of 320 kg, and he is not good enough to compete even in Melbourne.

     This beings me to the books that I am going to review today, that also pursue the theme of feminism versus reality. The first is an oldie, but goodie, by Arianna Stassinopoulos, The Female Woman, (Fontana/Collins, 1974). This is an old book now, critiquing second-generation feminism, the likes of Germaine Greer, Kate Millett and so on.  It seems all mild stuff compared to how far things are down the track now. But, Stassinopoulos argued strongly against the foundations of feminism.

     The emancipated women is distinct from the liberated woman, as emancipation is about equal opportunity, while liberation puts women into male roles, while degrading traditional women’s roles, such as the roles of wife and mother.  Feminism thus restricts women’s choices, and fetishizes work:

“with the arrogance of their detached intellectualism, the women’s Libbers have made a fetish of institutionalised work, and fail to draw a distinction between an exciting career and an average run-of-the-mill 9 to 5 job. They become so intoxicated with their own vehemence against the roles of women as wife and mother, that they endow any job outside the family with qualities of non-stop fascination.”

     Fast forward now to 2015, and the publication by Alt Right firm Counter-Currents (San Francisco), of F. Roger Devlin’s Sexual Utopia in Power: The Feminist Revolt Against Civilization. Things have certainly moved on from the previous critique, and the stakes are now higher with the entire foundation of Western civilisation, and its survival, now at risk. The original paper by Devlin was published in The Occidental Quarterly 2006: http://www.toqonline.com/archives/v6n2/DevlinTOQV6N2.pdf, and the book, obviously enough, expands on the original argument. The article and book are controversial for conservatives who generally are characterised by a crippling prudery in matters of sex, that makes it difficult for them to think clearly on this issue. There is also something of a “woman pedestal thing" with many beta men in these movements. The thesis that virtue in women has crashed, is shocking to them, but it is mainstream at neo-masculinity sites such as Return of Kings, Mat Forney, and Roosh v.
Devlin says that things have gone so far now that we can no longer talk about defending traditional marriage, as the horse has now bolted, and the defence has been left too late. The Savages now rule, in a “planet of the apes” type of situation.

     Women are not naturally monogamous, and nor are they looking for “worthy” men to marry, “there is no moral component to female Sexuality.” The battle of the sexes, the latest manifestation of the cultural war against the West, is not going to be solved by men manning up. The cruel fact of the matter, which men try to hide from themselves is that the female sexual instinct is hypergamous, like cats, seeking the alpha male, the mate at the top of the pack. The alpha male can, and does change over time, as is seen in celebrity divorces.

     Female hypergamy had previously been kept in check by traditional Christian morality and social norms, but the 1960s sexual revolution broke all of that down. Things have continued in a downward spiral for decades, and the sexuality of today’s women is something that cannot be discussed in publications such as this one. Old readers can, although it is risky, get a feeling for this by observing what goes in, and comes out, of city bars and drinking spots on Saturday night, that which would make the prostitutes of the old West blush, or they may more safely surf the internet, visiting the “girl’s sites.” Sexual anarchy has become now sexual terrorism, complete with moral panics such as “date rapes,” and sexual harassment, Devlin argues. These phenomena are all political weapons against men.

     There has thus been a deculturalisation, and a “return of the primitive,” “the Darwinian mating pattern of the baboon pack reappears among humans.” (p. 19)  Sexually, the family and manhood have been destroyed. Gay marriage and transgenderism continue this process. But, men paradoxically now have the power to bring down “the whole system of patronage and parasitism,” and stop playing the game. This opting out can already be seen at the Return of Kings site. The breakdown of the system, primarily through economic crisis and ethnoracial conflict, will release reality, and end the mind control that has been produced. There will need to be a long painful process of rebuilding after this social chaos, but things have progressed so far down the track now, that we need to face the cold hard reality of our situation.



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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