Feminism Pushed to Peak Academic Absurdity By James Reed

     More absurdities from our friends, the universities, full of Arts/Farts/Humanities departments where the-to-be described sort of bs is freely cultivated. Unfortunately, normal manure is natural and helps the garden grow, but the manure produced by the modern university is highly toxic and quite dangerous to life and society. I submit to your consideration a prime example of academic research in the Humanities/Social Sciences:

“A women’s studies researcher says she examined the genitals of 10,000 dogs for her study on canine “rape culture” this month. The journal Gender, Place, and Culture, is a monthly peer-reviewed publication that focuses on issues of feminist geography. In 2015, it was ranked the thirteenth most influential women’s studies academic journal in the world. This year, the journal published an unusual piece by researcher Helen Wilson about “rape culture” in “urban dog parks.” The article, titled “Human reactions to rape culture and queer performativity at urban dog parks in Portland, Oregon,” astonishingly argues that female dogs suffer oppression at the paws of male dogs and that humans are indifferent to violence between dogs. In what must have been an attempt to reach peak academic absurdity, Wilson says that she examined the genitals of almost 10,000 dogs during her observational study into canine “rape culture.” “The usual caveats of observational research also apply here,” Wilson wrote. “While I closely and respectfully examined the genitals of slightly fewer than ten thousand dogs, being careful not to cause alarm and moving away if any dog appeared uncomfortable, there is some relevant margin of error concerning my observations about their gender in some instances.”

     I was curious about many things here, especially why a study of doggy rape culture would involve examining the genitals of 10,000 dogs, and how exactly this could be done “respectfully.” You know, without victim violation. Was departmental ethics approval sought for the feminist to conduct what amounted to an animal experiment? That would be worth investigating by any of our US friends. From a methodological perspective, what exactly was sought by the physiological examination? What research protocols were involved? Any objective measurements? 

     I found no answers to my questions about research methodology, as is typical for this sort of expressionistic postmodern writing, which resembles weird literature more than science, but I did find this gem of pure academic lunacy:

“It is my hope that this article will contribute to the longstanding tradition in social psychology and symbolic interactionism as it intersects with queer and feminist concerns relevant to studies of human geography. Observational studies of animalism in urban public life may become instrumental to understanding and eventually disrupting constructed cultures of hegemonic masculinities and reorganizing public spaces in ways that diminish problematic themes related to gender. They may also hold potential keys to disrupt oppressive and unequal socially constructed systems, and they can liberate dogs (and other family pets) from animalized and gendered oppression while ungendering the spaces in which the current socially constructed systems dominate. How female and (queer) male dogs are treated – by both human males and females – could provide insights into a wide range of treatment modalities that serve as helpful heuristics in understanding human social constructions and the spaces in which they play out. I anticipate further advances, additional directions, and multiple overlapping discourses in research directed toward these socially important areas in social psychology, feminist thought, and animalism.”

     Oh my God, what have we read! What does it mean? Will there be more of this? And, will our minds ever be the same again? The stomach churns. The poor students who are brainwashed by this … this … sociology! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

     I suppose having crossed this intellectual threshold the next topic will be rape culture in ducks, then insects, and to top it off, genetic transfers (no consent) between bacteria:

     Well, it looks like even ducks’ love lives have been subjected to academic scrutiny, so I don’t know what to do to satirise things now, because academic reality is more absurd than anything I could come up with!

     The universities have been ground zero for all the pc bs we have faced since the 1960s. I said it before, and I will say it again and again, the best thing that we could do for our own survival is the close down these cesspools, and drain this poisonous swamp. That is surely a little gentler on the nose than H. L. Mencken’s suggestion that the real way to reform our universities would be to burn the buildings and hang the professors:

     We would not want to increase the sacred carbon footprint, would we!!!



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Thursday, 13 August 2020
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