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Female Hypergamy: Behind Feminism By Mrs Vera West

     We can still find pieces on YouTube, amazingly, on female hypergamy, the primal instinct for women to strive to achieve more alpha mates, and providers. Even those  having high paying jobs, if heterosexual, seek this, unless constrained by Christian morality of some moral code. Go back to the jungle, which is what modern nihilist society is, and that what one gets, well documented in a book the Left hate intensely, Sexual Utopia in Power: the Feminist Revolt Against Civilization, by F. Roger Devlin (Counter-currents, 2015). Jordan Peterson has an excellent video on this topic too:

     Lots of conservative, and even libersal ladies discuss the same thing, so anyone thinking that the topic can be put off limits by rattling on about “anti-women” well, just forget it. The girls tell you to do so, so obey! It is interesting to get the perspective of young Black women on the horrible sexual market place that the feminist regime, and the 1960s “liberation” has produced:

     Here is an equally informative piece at Affirmative, going into the evolutionary background to hypergamy, which seems to be wired into the human animal, but which can only be overcome by strong morals, as in what Christianity used to be, repetition for emphasis:

“Is unrestricted female reproductive choice a good thing? IQ has declined in many, perhaps most Western industrialized nations since the first half of the last century. This is known as the negative Flynn Effect (Dutton et al. 2016). The linear relationship between dysgenic fertility and declining IQ was empirically demonstrated in the 1930s (Cattell, 1936).

With the feminization of society has come age-independent generational declines in testosterone levels, first observed among American males (Travison et al. 2007). A similar phenomenon has been observed in Denmark (Andersson et al. 2007). The first systematic literature review of 61 studies on semen quality has revealed a generational decline spanning five decades (Carlsen et al. 1992). Since then researchers, working independently, have uncovered similar declines in France, Denmark, and the UK. Intelligence and semen quality are not unrelated traits; researchers have shown that both are positively correlated.

What is driving the decline in male genetic quality?

Since the 1850s, the emancipation of women had been gradual; by the 1960s, feminism and women’s sexual liberation had helped them achieve full emancipation. In the absence of enforced monogamy, women assumed their evolutionary role as sexual selector of the human species. Since women are less rational than males, their choices are based on biological instinct, not pragmatic consideration, as was previously the case when monogamy was a patriarchal institution. Dysgenic fertility as driver of both declining average IQ and genetic deterioration in populations has been established by many studies. [Cattell’s 1936 study was the earliest. See Woodley (2015) for a more recent discussion.] In a matriarchal society, which men reproduce is determined by female reproductive choice. This makes female mate selectivity a dysgenic influence that must be regulated by enforced monogamy. If the elites continue to arbitrarily enshrine female mate selectivity as a “human right,” more men will continue to find themselves childless. Compared to Norwegian females, childlessness among Norwegian males has increased at much faster and higher rates between 1980 to 2014 (Jensen, 2016). There is no end in sight to the increasing number of men being denied their fundamental biological needs. Rising childlessness among free males because of inability to find a regular sexual outlet is without historical precedent. In the past, free men could have monogamous family life almost whenever they wanted. Slavery and concubinage existed to supply excess demand.

Predicting the future course of female hypergamy is not difficult. The prospect of Fisherian runaway selection has always loomed ominously over the horizon. This phenomenon has been observed among peafowls. Female mate selectivity led to the evolution of exaggerated male sexual ornamentation. Peahens are plain in appearance, but peacocks are known for their colorful, shimmering plumage. With extreme sexual dimorphism, came violent competition for mates; alpha males would fight off, maim and even kill rivals who tried to seize their territory during lekking season. Only highranking peacocks, meaning those with the most eye-spots and the largest train sizes, copulated with females (Loyau et al. 2005). As with other avian species like sage-grouse, male reproductive variance is far more skewed in favor of dominant males than it is among humans. In a post-Western matriarchal society where female selectivity is the norm, females will become increasingly mediocre in the absence of selective pressure. Tens of thousands of years into the future, physical supermen will be forced to compete for sexual access to females, the vast majority of whom will be of low genetic quality.”

In short, female hypergamy, seen each night if one dares to venture into nightclubs (I am told), threatens to tear down civilisation as surely as any other horsewoman of the apocalypse, and there a plenty riding our way. Yet, the idea expressed in the article quoted about of enforced monogamy, as delightful as it tasted in all its reactionary glory is hard to see happening anytime soon. Human society may be reduced to a total moron level before the present genetic decline can be halted, which is to say, that it won’t be halted.

The liberal elite, it seems are a bit worried about a type of incel revolt, and are addressing this in film, as seen in the movie Cuck; here is The Daily telling us all about it, as they all work through it.

Whatever; the issues discussed by Dissent Right critics such as Andy Nowicki, will not go away, and making movies about it will only make things worse, bringing it all out in the open. Whatever happened to the Left idea of addressing the social issues behind these problems, rather than blaming individuals? It was a sham from the 1960s until now, wasn’t it, a sociology never intended to be applied to white males?



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Friday, 29 May 2020
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