Fat White Guys By John Steele

     An incredible statistic: that over two-thirds of Americans are overweight or outrightly obese:

     This state of ill-health is itself responsible for a multitude of diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as an array of cancers. It may also be responsible for the crash in testosterone and low sperm counts in the West.

     So how does one lose weight and keep it off? The answer is to abandon the high carbo-junk diet that we have been told is good for us. You will not die by no longer eating white bread, and deep fried chips; if you live on this sort of food, high in saturated fat and sugar, then you are tempting fate.

     We need a rich and colourful variety of organic vegetables. No one has ever denied the value of good wholesome vegetables. There is some debate about excess fruit affecting blood sugar levels, so be sensible with the intake of the sugary fruits. In the early stages, it is best to keep to just the vegetables. Add to this lean meat for protein, red meat, white meat, fish, especially oily fish. Cook your food in olive oil, which in mice studies has shown to offer protection against Alzheimer’s disease:

     Then, you need to exercise as much as possible within reasonable bounds for your age and health. Before beginning any exercise programme, especially if you are overweight, consult with your doctor.
     Overweight can be overcome, but it requires discipline.

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