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False News Now Institutionalises Anti-White Racism By Charles Taylor

     Surely, there is nothing here to get excited about: The New York Times employs an Asian woman editor who has made racist comments about white people. So what? Each day academics all  over the West pump out the same sorts of poison to vulnerable students, as part of the cultural war. And, the pay is good, coming from your tax payers’ dollars. Talk about digging our own graves. Here is all of the coverage of this evet  we need, which proves to us beyond all doubt that President Trump is right in seeing the mainstream false news media as the “enemy of the people.” If this was done to any other ethno-racial group, whoa, the world would shake and  riots would burn entire cities to the ground.

     Statements of anti-white hatred like this have become institutionalised now, and of course, beyond that are the systematic rapes of white children in Europe, especially Britain, that the authorities essentially allow to occur, while hitting with an iron fist, all and every legitimate democratic criticism of mass migration. This is anarcho-tyranny in action, and part of the program of white genocide. Even crying out against our oppression is socially constructed as racism, that magic debate stopping word. Finally, some of the soft Dissent Right are recognising that civil war is coming to America, and by implication, to a suburb near you:

     However, the better view is that a one-sided uncivil war has been waging for a long time now, perhaps since the 1960s, when much of the cultural Marxist madness got underway. In some ways, it is mighty interesting to be at the end of history, watching the gears turn and crush humanity, sad as it is.



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Tuesday, 07 July 2020
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