Fallout from the Coming India/Pakistan War By James Reed

     India and Pakistan are at each other’s throats again, and the worry is that there will be yet another war, with a nuclear exchange. Of course, that will mean that the West will be flooded with millions, if not a billion refugees, bringing about the collapse of the world as we know it. I wonder how the Left, Liberals and ruling elites will confront such a collapse, even hiding inside their walled citadels? They still need to get resources at some point, even in a hundred years.

“During the Partition of India and Pakistan around 14 million people were displaced. Around the world today there are – according to UNHCR – around 68.5 million displaced people. But this would be as nothing to the potential refugee problem should there be a hot war between India and Pakistan. To appreciate how bad it would be, we have only to extrapolate from what happened after the wars in Iraq and Syria. The Iraq wars have reportedly displaced at least three million people and left 8.7 million people in need of humanitarian aid; the Syrian war has driven five million refugees outside Syria and displaced another six million people within its borders. Syria had a pre-war population of 22 million. So that’s nearly a quarter of the population which fled the country.

One quarter of the India/Pakistan population comes to around 375 million. Obviously – or at least hopefully – the number of refugees would be a fraction of that. But even if it were only one tenth of one quarter, that would still be 37.5 million displaced people. And guess where most of them would try to come. What they’d be looking for is some European country where they had some kind of history – a common language, obviously, which would be English; but also, ideally, one which had bequeathed them its administrative structures, legal codes and so on. Oh, and also, one where they had lots and lots of relatives already settled – many in communities so charmingly untainted by the host culture you might as well be in downtown Lahore or Bombay. Gosh, what country could possibly fit that bill? Still, amid all the misery it would cause, I can think of at least one tiny ray of sunshine. As we learned from the recent BBC documentary series Inside Europe: Ten Years of Turmoil, nothing has threatened the stability of the European Union more than 2015 refugee crisis. But the numbers then were in the low millions.”

     Hopefully Europe will be put out of its misery by radioactive fallout, so this problem will not arise. Really the mass immigration lobby needs to be absolutely inundated with migrants; not coming in sweetly, but so many that their nice bourgeois houses are full of them. Open the shoe cupboard and a migrant is there. Open the fridge to get a bottle of chardonnay, and … nothing, everything is gone. That is the real acid test of all this high humanitarian stuff: will they give until there is nothing to give any more, and everybody is a refugee? It is oh so easy standing on the high moral ground of superiority when one has so much, but what about when everything is taken from one? Let’s see how that one pans out.



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Saturday, 19 September 2020
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