Fake Families, Papers, Anything Goes By Chris Knight

     There are more illegals crashing through the US system than ever before in US history, and Trump, while talking tough has done nothing to stop them. As Commander-in-chief of the Armed forces, he could stop fighting wars for those who own him for just a moment and secure the US borders using soldiers. Ignore the courts, do what China would do, for they are the new fountain of wisdom:

     Instead, Central America is emptying as whole towns flock to the border to come do what the president of Mexico said they should, enjoy the benefits of America. That is, millions of migrants in a chain of migration that simply makes North America in to South America. Are the Dumocrats and the rich business elites who profit from cheap labour ready for what is coming, or are they so insane that they do not care, or cannot think? Both, perhaps.

     President Rump is a true symbol of the philosophical problem of Western man, who cannot rise to defend his own kind, but supports globalist and cosmopolitan ideologies, until his own group sinks into the mud of history. Trump proudly advanced Jared Kushner, the real president’s immigration plan, a way to quickly end what remains of white America, by giving what jobs he created to a flood of legal migrants:

     President Jared can add this to his impressive list of achievements, including running dopey President Rump. Just read the URLs if you don’t have the stomach for Gothic horror:

The Rise of Medical Fascism By Mrs Vera West
Rapping and Raping the West By Peter West


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Sunday, 05 April 2020
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