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Extinction Rebellion, Yeah Baby, It’s the 60s Again! By James Reed

     What exciting times it is on the road to climate change apocalypse, much more interesting than the Vietnam War protests of 1968. Just today we have people dangling from bridges, disruption to traffic, you name it. You can expect more fun times ahead.

     Just to be devil’s advocate, as the legal saying goes, can you imagine how crazy people will get if a real apocalypse came and hit them, like an EMP event that took down the internet, and the bloody phones? It would make the doomsday cults we have seen in the past look pretty conservative by comparison. Overall, I am having a great time, and since the climate apocalypse has been declared have been on an emotional high. It was almost as much fun as when the anti-farts were on a rampage. What happened to those guys, did China stop making masks?



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Tuesday, 14 July 2020
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