Exercise and Depression By Mrs Vera West

     I have covered the health benefits of exercise for our older people, but there are benefits of exercise for everyone, beyond the now well-known cardio-vascular health effects.

“Just 15 minutes of jogging every day could reduce the risk of depression, a doctor has said. Speaking on the back of a recent study that found physically active people are less at risk of the mental health condition, a medic from Massachusetts General Hospital urges the public to 'just move'. Whenever patients come to him complaining they are feeling down, the doctor tells them to 'get outside and do something' before he will prescribe an antidepressant. Dr David Agus, from the hospital's department of psychiatry, told CBS News: 'My patients now, when they say, "I'm starting to feel a little depressed and not do as much," my first thing is not prescribe a pill, but get outside and do something.'”

     Jogging is not a goer for the older person, and I think there could be a case made against it re knee issues. But the principle is just like I stated in my article on walking, that the same benefits can come from brisk walking without the knee problems. Indeed, slightly younger people can do the “fast walk,” which we used to see people doing on the roads, but has seemingly died out, probably because John Howard does this sort of power walking. But, don’t let that stop you!



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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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