Every. Single. One By Bruce Bennett

     I wondered how long before we saw Aussie Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth came out and say something politically correct, and now I don’t have to wait any more.

“Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth has spoken out on Australia Day, saying he thinks the national holiday should be moved. The Hollywood actor, 36, and resident of Byron Bay posted to his almost 40 million Instagram followers, sharing his view that January 26 marks a day of “such pain, sorrow and deep loss” for First Nations people. “What if we made this day about reflection and respect for the oldest surviving civilisation, how they may be feeling and come together with solidarity, love and empathy,” Hemsworth asked in the post that’s been liked more than 480,000 times. “We should stand together united in our commitment to reconciliation. Changing the date is the first step. “No one loses anything but a lot of people benefit greatly. Love you all.”

     This is gibberish, nonsensical, because the critique of Australia Day will be applied to any day. It is the whole concept that the woke brigade is against. Indeed, it is modern Australian itself that is really opposed.

     If we are going to go down the road of a day of national mourning, then how about going to the next level and start dismantling Australia itself, especially all the toys of big business, the infrastructure, the universities, the works, to turn this all back into what it was prior to British settlement: that is what the woke mob seem to be moving towards? Bulldoze the cities; white liberals could walk into the sea, and keep walking until they got back “home.” Or, simply let China have the whole place, and then there will be no Australia Day, with no Australia, but no more of the politically correct whining as well. It could be worth it.



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Sunday, 24 January 2021
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