European Identity and Islam By Richard Miller

     Merkel has said words to the effect that Islam is part of Germany, no doubt the best part. But, not all establishment figures agree with her, totally: 

“A senior politician in German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Union has said that Islam “makes little contribution” to the foundation of Europe and that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “holds the key” to solving the EU’s migrant problems. “Islam belongs just as little to Europe as it belongs to Germany,” Christian Social Union (CSU) of Bavaria Vice-Chairman Manfred Weber told German newspaper Die Welt. “Of course, today Muslims are part of Europe.

On the positive side, there is a debate about the leading culture in Germany. Europe needs this debate too. We must defend our European lifestyle globally,” he added. The vice-president of the ally party of the Chancellor’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) made the comments after Merkel’s staunch insistence that Islam “belongs to Germany”. Merkel’s pronounce came directly after CSU leader Horst Seehofer told media that “Islam does not belong to Germany. Germany has been shaped by Christianity”

     I wonder how long before this dissenter is given an unfair trial and shot by firing squad? It is just around the corner, given the historical pattern of how once great civilisations implode. All of this is exciting to watch, like a surgery student sitting in the theatre watching a life-or-death operation, with organs being ripped out and tossed around with gay abandon, so to speak. 



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Tuesday, 11 August 2020
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