EU is Short for European Undoing Peter West

     The EU is just a form of globalism designed to ethnically destroy primarily Northern European people as an ethnic group and demographically displace them. The European Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos recently gave a speech at the “Conference on Migration, Security and how they affect the Future of Europe” in Geneva:

     He said:

"In future, the Twenty-Seven will need 6 million immigrants,” said the European Commissioner. “We are going to open offices in all the countries of the southern coast of the Mediterranean and West Africa. It’s the best way of fighting against the traffickers.”
One wonders why one would bother fighting traffickers when the EU has become the biggest migration agent.

     Along with this he gave the false news claim:
“As for terrorist attacks in the EU, they were committed by European citizens. With only one exception, it was never done by refugees!”
The Berlin attack was done by a refugee, the Bataclan was done by refugees, there have been other knife,  bomb and truck attacks in Germany and France which were done by refugees, and even a country as cucked as Sweden is starting to take a more negative view towards Muslim migration following a massive number of sex attacks:; Lying about immigration just gives the game away: the end result of this open borders immigration  is ethno-demographic replacement, and the six million today will be 60 million tomorrow. The migration-mad can never stop.

     But don’t take my word alone for it. Here is a quote from Jewish critic Pamela Geller about British MEP Daniel Hannan’s views on this: “British MEP Daniel Hannan — the other “Mr. Brexit” — said that the European Union (EU) is collapsing under its own weight because its borders are not “ethnographic.”
“Conflicts all over world are about belonging, and are ethnic in nature,” Hannan said.
“The Balkans, Kashmir, Chechyna, Israel and Palestine—anywhere in the world—nine times out of ten, it’s an argument about borders not being ethnographic.”

     Hannan believes the EU is imploding for two main reasons: because of the systemic instability caused by multiple waves of unscreened Muslim refugees, and lastly, because EU member countries lack a shared culture that is genuine.
“And this is the central problem with the EU. It’s an attempt to create a democracy where there is no shared culture,” remarked Hannan.
Recent headlines confirm Hannan’s dire outlook for the EU. Rape legalization (or active decriminalization of Muslim perpetrators) is effectively being implemented in France, Germany and Sweden.

     As for the absence of “shared culture,” Europe’s history reveals “shared culture” that is marred by war and genocide. Such an absurd proposition is akin to a burglar merging households with one of his previous victims because of their “shared culture.”

     The increase in borderless terrorist organizations and lone wolf incidents are further proof that “Europe” is still very much a collection of nations, not a standalone entity.
Consider that when Syrian refugees ravaged Germany, when Paris burned, and when Brussels was bombed by ISIS, internal borders were closed and the EU quickly morphed back into 25 separate countries at breakneck speed. Borders closed because Britain, France, and Germany never ceased being independent nations with fully independent identities. The same is true of all other EU member nations.

     “We are trying to create a democracy, without a ‘demos,’” Hannan explains. “Democracy works best in units where everyone has enough in common with each other to accept the government.”
And national governments, “where everyone has enough in common,” are still the best known vehicles for delivering the blessings of democracy to the greatest number of people.
“Democracy is the worst system, except for all others,” former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once quipped.” From:

     Geller concluded that the EU is based on the flawed premise that nationalism is the cause of conflicts, when in fact it is globalism and its dream of global conquest of peoples, which has been the cause of wars.
If it is not wars, then globalism causes political oppression. Thus Poland has been refusing migrants because of the terrorist threat:, but Poland is under attack for its anti-abortion laws, which the globalists oppose because they want white populations to decline, as well as exercising rigid social control:

      It is, short and simply, tyrannical and the globalist must be defeated if freedom is to survive.



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Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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