Enjoy the Decline? Not Likely, More Like, Survive By James Reed

Back in 2013, when what was then the Alt Right were depressed about Obama, little realising that in 2021, there would really be something to be depressed about, like the beginning of the end of Western civilisation, “Captain Capitalism,” Alt Right libertarian economist Aaron Clarey published Enjoy the Decline: Accepting and Living with the Death of the United States. The thesis was that democracy has decided that Obama socialists will destroy America. And since one had to accept democracy, for some unexplained reason, one therefore had to adjust. Much of the book examined the economics of American collapse, which is even more relevant now. Then the rest of it dealt with what individuals should do in a collapsing society. He did not explore political resistance, but kept things on the individual level, what is needed so that one does not support the evil system, but can still scratch out survival, with a minimalist lifestyle. The book was urban based, and essentially suggested that survivors should become parasites too, perhaps to bring the system down quickly, rather than deplorable working to feed existing parasites.

Clarey recognised that this would produce collapse, and strangely for a libertarian, he devoted a concise chapter to this scenario, chapter 8, “Plunder.” This is about scavenging for goodies in the post-apocalyptic wastelands that he sees America becoming. The survival basics are covered in a respectable summary, but he directs our attention to internet sites, since he is not an expert.

Really, this book could have been written in 2021, its theme is more relevant, and it probably could be updated and re-issued. But the core assumption, that a so-called democratic decision must be accepted is, as we have now seen with the 2020 stolen election, completely flawed, since at least the US system, and perhaps most ones throughout the West, are not democratic in any sense, and not even functional, but probably based upon electoral fraud and corruption. Still, the stark survival choices are now facing thousands of people due to the devastation of the Covid-1984 strategy. We are set to learn what it is like to be at the bottom of the wheelie bin, and we will need to adjust our minds to face the new horrid reality. Thus, we will return, as Eric Butler once said to me, to the days of eating bread and dripping, and wearing hessian bag home-made pants. I think of this when I see yet another homeless person in Melbourne, now that we are allowed out of our cages.




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Sunday, 05 December 2021
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