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End China’ Transplant Abuse! By James Reed

     There was a group of young Chinese girls handing out leaflets on a city street here in Melbourne, and I naturally took one, which read: “Falun Gong Meditators Killed in China for Their Organs.” Naturally I was interested. But before I could speak, this large Chinese guy rushed over to me, telling me not to read the leaflet. Maybe he was a Kung Fu expert, which John Steele tells me, quoting Mixed Martial Artist Ramsey Dewey (himself based in Shanghai China) would make me relatively safe, given how bad Kung Fu is as a fighting system:

     Anyway, I told the lad to rack off, or words to that effect, that this is still Australia, land of the free, and if he wanted my leaflet, he would have to take it from me, prying it from my cold, dead fingers. At this point, he simply snatched the leaflet from me, as easy as his country men are harvesting, with their combine harvesters, Australia’s water, and he viciously tore it up. But, then I got another leaflet, and ran, or did what I thought was a close approximation to running, zig zagging to make it hard for him to follow me, maybe even see my aged form. At times I stopped running, gasping for breath, and went in reverse, then did a few circles. People looked on in amazement, as he had long ago stopped following me. For your reference on organ harvesting:

     I doubt very much, given the amount of alcohol that I have consumed in my life, that my organs will be harvested in the future, when internal sources dry up.



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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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