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Emptying the Jails??? Next, the Roaming Gangs of Zombie Mutant Bikers (ZMB)! By John Steele

     There is beginning a trend in the West of emptying jails, because, well, the poor dears might catch the bug. This started in the US, and now is being called for here in Oz:

“Lawyers and prisoner advocates are calling for measures to reduce the nation's prison population — including releasing inmates early and loosening conditions for bail — in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.
•    The measures include releasing inmates who are elderly, unwell or who are likely to be released in the next six months.
•    The concern is that prisons will become coronavirus hotspots leading to inmate deaths, riots and further spread into the community
•    The Victorian Government says that processes are already in place for dealing with communicable diseases in custody
A group of more than 370 lawyers, academics and advocates Friday released an open letter which calls on Australian governments to follow the lead of jurisdictions such as Ireland, the United States, Iran and the United Kingdom, where authorities have either released prisoners or flagged it as a possibility in response to the pandemic.
The letter stated that during disease outbreaks, prisons — where people live in close quarters and are often unwell — can become a breeding ground for viruses which spread to the community.
It calls on state and territory governments to support bail and non-custodial penalties for all defendants who did not present a very high risk that could not be managed in the community.
It also calls for the early release of prisoners, including those at high risk of harm from COVID-19 and those detained for summary offences.

"Policies need to be directed to releasing prisoners, and laws governing police, prosecution and judicial discretion need to be changed to prevent further imprisonment," the letter said.”

     Well, could there be a problem here? Would this be an incentive to up the ante on crime, moving up the scale?

“The Italian city of Palermo has seen a surge in thefts and robberies since the nationwide quarantine enacted by the government, with businesses and schools targeted. Most business in the city, along with other buildings such as schools and public offices, remain closed due to Italy’s nationwide lockdown that is meant to stop the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. While businesses have largely ceased operations, thieves in the city have not, with newspaper Il Giornale claiming that in the last few days, several reports of thefts have occurred at a school, a gym, and even a local hospital. The first theft took place on Monday night at a local school and saw the thieves steal five computers after scaling the fence to the property, while another robbery took place at an industrial area nearby with goods worth around €5,000 taken.”

     Ok, nothing to worry about then, it is all going to be just peachy cream! Those silly Americans buying up guns and ammo, expecting that the police will not be able to cope … why, paranoia pure and simple!



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Thursday, 16 July 2020
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