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Elites Seeking to Make Europe Part of Africa By Richard Miller

     The big push to finish off traditional white Europe is on, as the subtext of this article makes clear:

“Today’s waves of African migration are merely a prelude. Of the 2.2bn citizens added to the global population by 2050, 1.3bn will be Africans—about the size of China’s population today. And more of them will have the means to travel. Those Africans risking the trip north across the Mediterranean today are not the poorest, but those with a mobile phone to organise the trip and money to pay smugglers. Few of the Nigerians who attempt the crossing are from their country’s poor north, for example; almost all are from its wealthier south. As African countries gradually prosper, migration will surely increase, not decrease. Emmanuel Macron raised these points in a recent interview. The French president was recommending a new book, “The Rush to Europe”, published in French by Stephen Smith of Duke University, which models past international migrations like that of Mexicans into America to show that the number of Afro-Europeans (Europeans with African roots) could rise from 9m at present to between 150m and 200m by 2050, perhaps a quarter of Europe’s total population.

The interdependence is growing in other areas, too. While Europe’s old Atlantic harbours stagnate, four of its five fastest-growing ports are on the Mediterranean (led by Piraeus in Greece). Much of this is driven by Asian trade, but the African share is rising too, and will mushroom as the continent continues to grow. Europe is increasingly reliant on Nigerian and Liberian minerals, and German environmentalists dream of giant Saharan solar plants feeding clean energy to Europe. The security situation on one shore of the Mediterranean increasingly affects the other. The chaos that emerged from the Arab spring in countries like Libya prompted a surge in drug- and weapon-smuggling to Europe, while terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels in 2015 and 2016 were mostly committed by young men of north African origin. Chatham House, a British think-tank, predicts that the security of the Strait of Gibraltar, which divides Spain from Morocco, will become increasingly fraught.

EU leaders met in Salzburg on September 19th and 20th to discuss new border controls and north African “disembarkation platforms” where migrants from the south could be processed and sent back. The summit epitomised a strategy that Mr Smith dubs “Fortress Europe”, which involves reducing migration from north Africa at almost any human cost, letting in merely a trickle of approved African migrants, bickering over who should accommodate them and then, as recompense, funnelling modest aid into Africa. Angela Merkel promotes a “Marshall Plan for Africa”, as a means of reducing migration. That reckons without the fact that economic development will raise migration numbers.”

     Eurafrica is inevitable they believe. Likewise, the ever-migration mad UN has been championing a parallel ideal for the entire West, with the insidious UN Global Pact on Migration, bringing white genocide to a street near you:

“To properly understand the trend of world political events in recent years, it is essential to appreciate that a titanic struggle for supremacy between two implacably opposed ideologies is raging right across the Western world. It is an undeclared war waged largely behind the scenes. The attackers are powerful globalist and multi-national interests such as the EU and the UN, supported by many leftist groups funded, paradoxically, by mega-rich financiers. Their ultimate aim is the abolition of borders, migration between countries at will, the dismantling of national identity, the transfer of power to supra-national bodies, and eventually the imposition of a post-democratic unitary world government. The defenders are those who believe that Western-style democracy based on the nation-state remains the least-worst way yet devised of safe-guarding the life, liberty and prosperity of its citizens. Public awareness of the struggle is almost non-existent because, with very few exceptions, the free world’s mainstream media long ago aligned themselves with the globalists and have shamefully failed to report even the existence of this battle. But once you start to look at world events through this prism, it’s amazing how clear and easy to understand they become.”

     The UN is simply one of the major engines of this globalism, but not the only one, as earlier conspiratorial theorists thought, getting a bit carried away. In any case, the various teams are all united now in putting the final touches to a global anti-white fascist anarcho tyrannical techno-dystopic state, of which the EU and its laws and open immigration, mass crimes and rapes of whites, (anarcho-tyranny) is a prime example:

“The people in each nation must rise up against their respective tyrannical leaders.  The Europeans must rebel against the Eurocrats in Brussels just as the Americans must revolt against the U.S. Federal Government entrenched in Washington, D.C..  A quick and enduring reversal of the NWO fortune must be effectuated by We the People.  Such an overturning of the order (New World Order) will never occur from the top down.  It must be a grassroots-driven popular movement that galvanizes the citizenries around the globe until the whole NWO agenda is forever terminated. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon every sovereign soul reading this exposé to take back their power from the System that has taken it from them.  Each of us is encouraged to stand in or own truth and speak that truth to power as never before.”

     Great idea, let’s do it. But Aussies though are  just a wee bit slow in the warming up process. I fondly recall a speech similar to this one on immigration being given at a friendly meeting some 20 years plus ago, when everyone was young and fit with a spring in their step. Ok, who will help man a polling booth on Saturday? Don’t wait until 2018, when it will be too late! Not a single person put their hand up. But, they will. Things are going to change, they just have to. Maybe in a “cuppla  of days”:



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Tuesday, 14 July 2020
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