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Dying in the Zombie Apocalypse By Brian Simpson

     The photos of rows upon rows of beds looks like something out of a zombie apocalypse movie, but, it is China’s prep for the coronavirus. Just check out the beds here, frightening indeed:

“A man from New Zealand says that he has had a first-hand account of what’s been happening in Wuhan after the coronavirus’ outbreak at the end of 2019. He says people are fighting for food and reselling used facemasks. A New Zealand man living in China has described his reality of the viral outbreak that has killed almost 500 people now, saying the China we see on the internet is far from the truth.  The mainstream media is manipulating the information and with Google and The World Health Organization teaming up to “kill” or censor accounts that don’t fit the official narrative, we may not ever get the complete and honest truth of just how bad the outbreak could become. The aforementioned New Zealand man, who lives in northeast China with his wife and two children, says they are barely getting by. “It’s getting worse by the day … everything has fallen apart here,” the man, who asked for anonymity out of fear of his family’s safety, said, according to the New Zealand Herald. “Fear levels are high and there is a lot of conflicting information, but people are staying calm,” an Australian woman told the Herald, contradicting the New Zealanders’ claim of mayhem. The New Zealand man told the Herald people had been selling masks for as much as $50. “I see old ladies walking around picking face masks out of the trash and then they sell them on the street the next day laughing about it,” he said. “When China says they’ve got enough and they’re handing them out, they’re not, I can tell you that now – there’s none available anywhere.” To make them appear new, the women would iron them after plucking the masks from the bin, the man said. Additionally, according to his claims,  fights were often breaking out over things like eggs and vegetables.”

“It’s now clear the coronavirus pandemic has broken containment and is self-replicating beyond control. As the corporate-controlled media still pretends the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t exist, it has already spread beyond any reasonable hope of containment, health experts are now warning. China cannot contain it. Instead, they lie about it, and the left-wing media follows suit, pretending that lying about a pandemic is somehow a treatment to stop it. Denial is not a treatment for a pandemic. Denial doesn’t stop the spread. In fact, it encourages it. That’s why the left-wing media, the tech giants, the WHO and the governments of the world are all now complicit in the worsening of this pandemic. They refuse to even tell the world what’s happening, and they pretend they can somehow cover this up long enough that no one will notice when their own friends, family members or co-workers start dropping dead in cities all around the world. Even the WHO is now pretending the pandemic no longer exists, even when just a few days ago, that same WHO declared an “emergency global pandemic” was under way.”

     As I say in these articles, we will see once the viral pandemic either takes off in the West or fizzles. If we are threatened, articles will need to supply practical help to readers about what to do to survive.



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Friday, 29 May 2020
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