Drawing Ever Closer to World War III By J. J. Williams

     It was predictable that Trump would pull out of the nuclear accord with Iran. No sooner had this been done, then the following exchange occurred between Israel and Iran:

     What is clear here is that Iran even without nuclear weapons will be no pushover, and it has succeeded in shooting missiles down. The wildcard is Russia, which if involved would necessitate the US entering the war to defend Israel. Then, we are on the road to Armageddon, something the US fundamentalist Christian evangelicals have been eagerly awaiting, as part of their “end of days” ideology: the “rapture,” and all that:

     Be that as it may, the coming war, if it impacts upon us, which it will if it spirals into a world war, is likely to see the extensive use of EMP weapons which knock out computers and the power grid. As this article details, this would be like having an invasion without lifting a finger, for after only a few days, with no facilities, the once passive population of sheeple turn into mean wolves and begin hunting for stuff that does not belong to them:

     Some predictions are that an EMP event could lead to the death of 90 percent of the population, if most of the electronic infrastructure is fried:

     Something like that could really wreck one’s day. Hence, the need to have emergency supplies on hand, food, warm clothing, and plenty of candles.



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Saturday, 28 November 2020
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