Dr Phil, Take a Pill (and Calm Down) By Charles Taylor

     American celebrity chatterer Dr Phil, has said that TV host Dr. Phil said on that Black rapper Kanye West’s comments about slavery being a “choice” have “empowered hate groups” and “white supremacists.” “It does show a lack of impulse control, it show a lack of impulse control, it shows what I would refer to as dysregulated thought. He doesn’t have a filter here. The things that he’s saying are irresponsible and ignorant,” Dr. Phil said in an interview with TMZ.

“Either this is attention-getting behavior because he’s got an album coming out or he wants to sell shoes, he’s wanting attention. Or he really has a problem pumping the break here mentally and emotionally,” Dr. Phil continued. “Either way it’s not okay because for whatever reason he does have a big pulpit, he does have a big platform. And so a lot of people are listening. A lot of people are being influenced.” “And I’ll guarantee you he has empowered white supremacist, he has empowered hate groups with the things he saying here,” Dr. Phil said.”

     Here is an excellent example that could be used in Logic 101 classes of begging the question via psycho chatter. Why should remarks directed to the absurd claim that American slavery is over 400 years old, and thus alive today, be taken to empower white supremacy? And, even if it did, why does that show that West’s claims are false? It does not. It is just more feel good psycho-babble. I am very tired on the entire genre of literature about psychological self-help, which in many respects creates an addiction in itself. A very good book debunking these money-makers is: Sham by Steve Salemo:

     Personally, I like this article from the The New York Post, “The Scumbag tactics Dr. Phil uses to Populate his Human Zoo”:

“One of Dr. Phil’s biggest critics, Dr. Jeff Sugar, assistant clinical professor at USC’s Keck School of Medicine, told The Post: “Once again, Dr. Phil shows us that there is no depth below which he will not sink to improve his ratings. His designation as America’s ‘psychologist’ can’t be taken seriously.” Indeed, the shoot-from-the-hip TV host with the Southern twang — who rose to prominence after appearing on “Oprah” and has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology — has a troubling record of parading vulnerable people on his show. Dr. Phil consistently says he’s trying to get people help, though only after he films them at their worst. Most famously, he was criticized in 2008 when he planned to intervene in the case of singer Britney Spears during a mental breakdown. Spears’ family angrily blasted Dr. Phil for publicly touting his private visit with the star while she was undergoing evaluation in the hospital. A spokesperson for mom Lynne Spears denied his claim that she and Britney’s father, Jamie, had planned to appear on his show for an “intervention special,” calling his plans to do so “self-serving.”

     People living in glass houses should not throw politically correct rocks.



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Saturday, 28 November 2020
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