Does Anyone See a Problem with This? By Bruce Bennett

     To serve and protect. Yes, that is fine. But should the police offer prizes for officers handing out the most fines? Could this have a possible impact upon justice, with people who are innocent, or close to the thin blue line of the law, being wrongly booked to get the numbers?

“SA Police has launched a formal review into the actions of a senior member of the force who offered a gift card as a prize for whichever officer handed out the most fines and cautions during a road safety blitz. Police revealed the incident occurred ahead of a traffic campaign that runs from Monday until Friday. “A SAPOL manager recently directed an email to some staff offering an incentive to the police officer who made the greatest contribution to road safety by way of Traffic Infringement Notice Expiations or Cautions issued as a part of the current traffic operation ‘Operation Fatal Distraction’,” it said in a statement. “The incentive offered was a gift card purchased by the manager from their own funds. Such a practice is not SAPOL policy and is not permitted. “The email instruction has been recalled and SAPOL staff have been advised that the advice in the email is not to be actioned and is contrary to SAPOL’s policy and practices.”

     Oh, thank goodness, someone further up the food chain saw that this was wrong and squashed it. My faith in the justice of the system is restored. I am sure that this has never happened before, or will again. Forget what you have just read.



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Thursday, 28 October 2021
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