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Diversity Working Really Well in Sweden By Richard Miller

     Who says that mass migration does not enliven a country and warm the cockles of everybody’s hearts?

“Though European leaders and their counterparts in the US (along with their allies in the mainstream press) have continued to deny their existence, migrant-dominated "no go" zones remain a persistent public safety threat to the Swedish public. And in the latest repudiation of the Swedish government's refusal to accept the term, and acknowledge the fact that - as Swedish police chiefs warned back in 2017 - these areas represent "parallel societies" where Swedish institutions aren't recognized, UPS has ceased delivery to Rosengard, a notorious neighborhood in Malmo, Sweden, after several of its drivers were assaulted and robbed. According to local media reports cited by RT, delivering to the neighborhood has become too dangerous for UPS, after the US carrier told the press that "our drivers have been attacked and therefore we have decided not to hand out packages at [the district]."

     Well, deliveries of goods are pretty much over-rated anyway, as is eating, and in the future, when vital food resources and fuel cannot get through to feed the great multicultural society, that will only make culture more exciting for the “Boomers.” There is something ominous about that word; perhaps an unintended double meaning, or cosmic pun?

     Norway, struggles to catch up to Sweden:

“While accounting for 33 percent of Oslo's population, immigrants account for nearly 70 percent of violent crimes in Norway's capital, where victims are subject to serious bodily harm. A survey by the Norwegian channel TV2 spanning from the beginning of 2018 until today has reviewed knife attacks, beatings and other instances of serious abuse, whose victims have suffered lifelong injuries, such as deep cuts and skull fractures. According to TV2, over two-thirds or nearly 70 percent of the crimes were committed by immigrants, signalling a serious over-representation. According to Statistics Norway, immigrants make up about 33 percent of Oslo's population. The survey also found a rise in the use of knives by attackers in the capital. Oslo has recently seen a marked increase in knife-related incidents, TV2 reported. Oslo Police Chief Hans Sverre Sjøvold voiced his concern over this development, stressing that the threshold for using a knife is very low, as is respect for police. Sjøvold admitted that immigrant youth struggling at school are over-represented and attributed this to "poverty and crampedness", which makes it "tough to grow up". Violence researcher Ragnhild Bjørnebekk is not surprised at the extremely high figure. According to Bjørnebekk, one of the reasons for the over-representation is that the perpetrators come from cultures where violence is far more prevalent. "They are more vulnerable, they have experienced more trauma. Some of them come from violent cultures, and they take it along with them. Also, there are those who are not Oslo residents, who just come from other countries and only stay here for a few months," Bjørnebekk explained. MP Himanshi Gulati of the right-wing Progress Party argued that the blame rests with the Oslo City Council and its Labour Mayor Raymond Johansen's immigration policy.”

     All I can say is shocking racism, everywhere. At least the good folk who do nothing have has adequate warning from the tale of the headlines.



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Thursday, 02 July 2020
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