Despacito: Ode to a Decadent and Dying Culture By Mrs Vera West

     The Latin dance song “Despacito” (“Slowly”) has had 3.9 billion hits:

There, now it has a few more.
Most people, would have looked at the film clip, because the song is not much, because of its sex content, hot Latin dirty dancing, big girls, and tough gang banger guys, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. Muscle and tats, yeah!

    But, when one examines the lyrics, translated into English, though, the song transcends sex and becomes quite creepy:

     The song weirdly is about two guys, the lead singers Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, both singing about their plan to seduce the hot babe in the video, who only comes to briefly dance with Fonsi at the end of the music video. Most of the time the two men dance with each other, arms over each other in brotherly love. So, what is this: two gay guys dabbling in heterosexual discourse? Who is the hot babe who never connects with the locals – is this some sort of South American phantom of their imaginations?

     We will never know. It is just meaningless popular culture, poured into the minds of the young. Is it any wonder that social change is so difficult. Can the “Despacito” set grasp the fundaments of social credit, such as the A+B theorem, or fractional reserve banking, even if they are explained, “slowly”?

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