Deep State and Media Declare Senile Old Joe Beijing Biden “Winner” By Chris Knight and Charles Taylor

It is so predictable you do not even need a script. Engage in what Biden himself called the greatest elector fraud in history, then censor any reporting, then get the media prostitutes to declare senile Joe the winner, even before final voting and the law suits! The Dark Lord New World Order monsters must be laughing at how smart they think they are. Really, they just move fast, but in the longer term may come unstuck from this if the resistance movement gets up and running, which looks likely.  


Despite the fraud, the Jared Kushner strategy of ignoring the White working class while doing everything to court the coloured vote, also contributed to Trump the chump’s loss. That is not to saw that the working class whites are anything but fools too, as Biden’s open borders will totally destroy them. But fools cannot see too far, not much beyond their beer bloated bellies, and only respond at a basic animal level. So, they are going to burn now, too, and they deserve it. Wake up time comes late.

It is as if this Jared dude was planted on Trump to destroy him, and the fool never saw it, even when Jared was attacked by Tucker Carlson. One need only look at media photographs of Trump and Jared, to see Jared always in the background with a profoundly evil look upon his face, like demon, we thought. But, Trump will never know where the knife in his back came from, too dumb.

“Donald Trump lost the 2020 election because he couldn’t motivate enough White men to vote for him. He improved with literally every other group in the country EXCEPT for White men.

After six months of nationwide chaos, White men drifted away from Donald Trump. Donald Trump had a problem with the White vote. It takes a special kind of genius to lose his margin with White men while the Left was beating the drum of anti-White hatred at a fever pitch. Evidently, White men decided that four more years of having Donald Trump as president wasn’t worth what it had cost them. Couldn’t he have said something about what was going on instead of rolling out the Platinum Plan?

The media’s narrative about “white supremacy” and “systemic racism” couldn’t have been more false. It was the populists and the “white supremacists,” not conservatives or Republicans, who soured on Donald Trump and deserted him in the 2020 election. A whopping 7% of voters said that “racism” was the most important issue facing the country! Also, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Muslims moved toward Trump, not away from him. Apparently, they didn’t buy into the “white supremacy” narrative.

Donald Trump and his campaign team were cucked on race. They were too afraid to crackdown on Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They were gaslit by the “white supremacy” narrative. As a result, they pandered to minorities, demoralized their base and the White vote slipped and they lost.

Could it have easily turned out otherwise? Yes, Donald Trump’s campaign took the White vote for granted. It is what got him elected in the first place in 2016. In the final analysis, it was what undid him in 2020. They ran a different kind of campaign in 2020 than 2016 in which Joe Biden was able to improve on Hillary Clinton in 41 out of 50 states and all but two swing states because of White guys.”

Trump sealed his own doom by not rising to the challenge of dealing with the BLM urban terrorists. It was a failure of nerve, because of the Jared Kushner strategy of pandering to Blacks. And along with voter fraud, and Big Tech interference, it cost him the election. Even though old Joe Beijing Biden is senile, his instincts were still better streetwise than Trump.

          That being said, we need to make the most of a total disaster and begin protests, as if our lives depend upon it, because they do.




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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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