Deconstructing Jordan Peterson By Brian Simpson

     Jordan Peterson has been considered part of an “intellectual dark web,” a loose knit of thinkers who are daring to question sacred cows of the modern regime. That shows how much in decline the universities are, since one would have expected academics to perform fundamental questioning as part of their pay. But, no.

     Peterson himself has done good work on the gender agenda and on manhood. However, he has a critical weakness on race and immigration, as these critics have established: 

     I, for one, am not particularly disturbed by this, because we should take people as we find them. It takes guts to take a stand on any issue nowadays, so we should not be disappointed that Peterson has not pursued our favourite line. For example, I am not aware if he has addressed the money question, and if he has, it is most likely that his views will be in support of the status quo. This conclusion is supported by the arguments of another paper which I have come across, making more serious, at least from our position, allegations:

“The UN Secretary-General established in 2010 the High-level Panel on Global Sustainability (GSP) in order to formulate a new blueprint for sustainable development and low-carbon prosperity… Jordan Peterson was the advisor for Balsillie while he was working on the Panel, as stated in the Report (see page 96 of the PDF). Peterson’s co-advisors were, Paul Jenkins and Simon Zadek of CIGI. And Balsillie’s “sherpa” was David Runnalls of CIGI. In an interview with The Dark Room Podcast, Peterson stated: “I worked on the UN Secretary-General’s High Panel for Sustainability Report that was delivered, I believe, in 2013, and rewrote the underlying narrative to strip out most of the ideological claptrap” “Norman Doidge, a Canadian-born psychiatrist and famous author, is the man who wrote the foreword for Peterson’s new book 12 Rules for Life. He is friends with Jim Balsillie, has done a public discussion with him, and he has an article on CIGI’s website. This suggests that Doidge is also part the NWO cadre.” 

The debate goes on in the comment’s section, which is well worth reading, with the general conclusion made by Geri Invehitur: “Are you beginning to see the bigger picture? Peterson is deeply involved with powerful globalist oligarchs and Marxists while pretending to be against the very plans that those same people and their think tanks and foundations are working towards. Peterson has sort of tried to minimize his work done for the UN by stating that he rewrote the document they produced to “remove the ideological clap trap”, but the document is nevertheless a Marxist globalist NWO artefact. In reality, Peterson proudly lists working for the UN with Jim Balsillie under his credentials, and his colleagues and network to this day are directly tied to Jim Balsillie’s and George Soros’ globalist think tanks.”

     That should give many Peterson fans something to think about. There is also feedback into the other claims introducing the paper about Peterson seeing his role as guiding whites away from the Alt Right and nationalism. This alone blots his copybook and smudges the otherwise good work he has done elsewhere. Nevertheless, we are in desperate times, and for any intellectuals to take a stand on any issues is welcome because beggars can’t be choosers.



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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