Death by Surgical Robot By Brian Simpson

     Here is a potential nightmare; one is booked for robotic surgery, which they say is better than that performed by a human surgeon. Then, after you are tied to the table, the robot goes mad and slices and dices you like a hamburger:

“A surgeon has described the tense atmosphere in an operating theatre as a pioneering robotic heart operation went catastrophically wrong. At one point one of the assisting medics had his arms knocked by the robot which was being used to repair retired music teacher and conductor Stephen Pettitt's heart valve, an inquest was told. Communication between lead surgeon Sukumaran Nair and his assisting surgeon Thasee Pillay was difficult because of the 'tinny' sound quality coming from the robot console being operated by Nair.”

     Then after the botched operation, the patient died. Gasp, will this be the future? I sure hope that I will not need surgery, on say a failing prostate. Oh, wait, such medical attention will not be for deplorable plebs like me anyway, so I will be safe!



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Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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