DARPA Getting Down and Dirty By Chris Knight

     More on the US military industrial complex getting down and dirty on censoring free thought. If you thought that Big Tech was totalitarian, then you have not seen anything yet! These guys intend to play hard ball … hell, they play with grenades, bombs and nuclear missiles! Even the name “DARPA’ sond bad, like out of some sci fi horror genre:

“The Pentagon has unveiled an initiative to fight ‘large-scale, automated disinformation attacks’ by unearthing deep-fakes and other polarizing content – with the eventual goal of rooting out so-called ‘malicious intent’ entirely. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking software capable of churning through a test set of half a million news stories, photos, and audio/video clips to target and neutralize potentially viral information before it spreads. In DARPA jargon, the aim is to “automatically detect, attribute, and characterize falsified multi-modal media to defend against large-scale, automated disinformation attacks.”  “Polarizing viral content,” however, includes inflammatory truths, and the program’s ultimate goal seems to be to stamp out dissent. The Semantic Forensics program will scan news stories and social media posts with a barrage of algorithms in the hope of identifying inconsistencies that could mark a story as fake. The desired program will not just identify a meme as inauthentic – it will identify the source of that meme, the alleged intent behind it, and predict the impact of its spread. To hear them tell it, the Pentagon just wants to even the playing field between the ‘good guys’ – the fake-hunters pursuing the cause of truth in media – and the ‘bad guys’ sowing discord one slowed-down Nancy Pelosi speech at a time. But the Pentagon’s targets aren’t limited to deepfakes, the bogeyman-of-the-month being used to justify this unprecedented military intrusion into the social media and news realm, or fake news at all. If the program is successful after four years of trials, it will be expanded to target all “malicious intent” – a possibility that should send chills down the spine of any journalist who’s ever disagreed with the establishment narrative.”

     Trump, to his eternal shame is allowing the entire machinery of totalitarianism to be set up, and articles this week, including reports from Richard Miller in London, show how this agenda is already well advanced in Europe. Why the sheeple cannot see this is beyond belief. Do they think that they will be allowed to graze forever in peace? Define “useless eaters.”

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Monday, 17 February 2020
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