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Cultural Shock: Are We All Infected? If So, It is All Too late? By Brian Simpson

     In season 1 of the zombie show, The Walking Dead, TS-19, I think the episode was called, Rick and his band of merry survivors were at the CDC and were told that they were all infected, well, at least the leader Rick was told. It was enough to make him hit the booze, as I would. However, an Oxford study that around half of the UK population is infected has been interpreted as indicating that the corona bug is not so bad after all:

“Because testing regimens across the world have varied tremendously, the actual mortality and hospitalization rates of COVID-19 have been hard to pin down. But modeling by researchers at the University of Oxford could provide some welcome good news, even if the initial takeaway doesn’t seem so promising. According to hypothetical modeling from Oxford’s Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Disease lab, half of the population of the United Kingdom may have already been infected with the coronavirus. If this modeling is confirmed in follow-up studies, that a minuscule number of those infected require hospital treatment, with a majority showing very minor symptoms, or none at all. In the mathematical experiment, the researchers looked at the population who are at risk of a severe infection. While a risk rate of 0.1 percent suggested a high number of infected people — suggesting lower hospitalization and mortality rates — a higher risk rate of 1 percent implied the possibility of a more threatening virus at the population level. In the following chart, ρ represents the risk rate, with the dramatic yellow line representing the possibility of a majority of the U.K. population infected.”

     Ok, we don’t need the diagram here, as we get the point. but there are apparently grave flaws in the study, bringing us back to the present mess again:

“According to media reports, that same study also falsely claims that only 1 in 10,000 people infected with the coronavirus requires hospitalization (US infectious disease experts have warned the real number is probably between 15 and 20%.) Authored by Sunetra Gupta from the Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Disease lab at Oxford, the study is nothing but a theoretical model on paper and uses no real-world data for its estimated projections. Yet it is being widely cited by pandemic denialists because it fits their delusional narrative of claiming the pandemic is “no worse than the flu.” According to … Gupta, half the UK is already infected with the coronavirus. Based on that false assumption, Gupta suggests the hospitalization rate for those infected with the virus is only around 1 in 10,000, according to media reports, making the coronavirus far less dangerous than the seasonal flu. As reported by, “If this modeling is confirmed in follow-up studies, that would mean that fewer than .01 percent of those infected require hospital treatment, with a majority showing very minor symptoms, or none at all.” That number, .01 percent, means 1 in 10,000. Unless NYmag has made a math error in representing this percentage, it means the study authors are claiming that coronavirus infections only send 1 in 10,000 people to the hospital. This is obviously a false claim, as the hospitals in Italy are being filled with so many dead and dying patients, those hospitals are nearly at the point of critical failure. Hospitals are also being hit hard right now in NYC, San Francisco and other major cities across America. If only 1 in 10,000 people needed hospitalization, there would be no surge in hospital patients anywhere around the world and China wouldn’t have needed to bring in dozens of mobile cremation containers to dispose of all the dead bodies there.

There also wouldn’t have been so many hospitalizations and deaths from the Diamond Princess cruise ship. If Gupta’s assertions were true, less than one person from that entire ship would have required hospitalization, and no one would have died. If half the UK has already been infected with the virus, then testing of any random group of UK residents should reveal about a 50% positive rate. But that isn’t happening. As even this story reports, testing of 90,436 patients only turned up 8,077 positive results, far from the 45,000+ that would be expected if half the population were already infected. Even more damning to the Gupta … theory is the fact that the 90,436 patients who have been tested were already in the hospital, according to the BBC which also reports this important fact: The UK is not currently doing any mass surveillance testing or actively tracing people who have come into contact with known cases. In other words, the 90,000+ people tested weren’t part of any “mass surveillance” testing of asymptomatic members of the public. These were tests of people who were already in the hospital. Even then, the positive rate was only 8.9%. This means the UK is nowhere near “herd immunity,” and the hospitalization rate is way higher than the “1-in-10,000” that the University of Oxford … science is reportedly claiming (which is being repeated on and everywhere else that’s trying to downplay the severity of the coronavirus pandemic for political reasons). If the hospitalization rate for coronavirus infections were only 0.01% as reported by then NYC wouldn’t be begging the government to set up an additional 50,000 hospital beds right now, and Italy wouldn’t have been overrun with so many hospitalizations that they’ve now had to make a triage decision to basically let anyone over the age of 60 just die.”

      As noted at the site below by author, F. Bardamu, straight from Celine’s Journey to the End of the Night, the real killer is globalism, which has brought us the coronavirus.

“The real disease isn’t COVID-19, it’s globalism. Once infected by this “mental pathogen,” people become just as intransigent in their beliefs as any garden-variety Christian or Muslim fundamentalist. The truth is, far from having transcended his animal instincts, man’s mind and behavior remain firmly rooted in his own biology, more than he likes to think. For this reason, all utopian egalitarian ideas must founder on the solid bedrock of human nature. Since the current Western elites refuse to take this into account, their globalist paradigm must forever remain an unfalsifiable one.… Once the pandemic is over, we can be certain it will be business as usual for the elites, which means shoveling more non-whites into the West’s already overcrowded and decaying urban centers. However, this time around, we can be certain race replacement is a cyclical process, occasionally interrupted by periods of death and destruction on a global scale. The question is how long will elites continue to expose whites to certain danger while busily electing a new people on the side. Mass democracy, mass immigration and multiculturalism—euphemisms for whites handing their countries over to non-whites—will continue indefinitely, along with the elite incompetence, willful blindness, ineptitude, and rigid ideological adherence to political correctness that allows these policies to continue. For a number of reasons—scheming minorities, media brainwashing, pathological altruism, herd behavior etc.—white electorates refuse to chastise their leaders at the ballot box. If no one can stop the mass non-white immigration orchestrated by Western governments, maybe disease will.”

     Globalism globalises disease, and this is its Achille’s heel.



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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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