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Cryptocurrency Vs The Money Power By James Reed

     Social credit folk, who have as their day job the task of fighting the money power, know that the task is not an easily one, and that allies along the way may help reach the chosen land. Take cryptocurrencies for example, which have the capacity to weaken the strangle hold which centralised money control now has: 

     Stated simply, control money and one controls the world. That is why the power elites of all previous societies have moved to destroy decentralised money, as they needed to control money to control man. When alternatives sprang up like e-gold in 1996, the US government simply bankrupted the founders. Bitcoin, the above article argues, being a totally decentralised system may be able to overcome this problem, of being “taken out.” The author goes into details about the distribution of credit, which I leave to the social credit experts to dissect and no doubt critique. Still, the point remains that a cryptocurrency has the potential to overcome many of the limits that the Deep State imposes upon financial transactions. The creation of new “coins” that operate on a faster system, will surely revolutionise the world.

     The elites will then have a problem controlling someone financially when one’s “money” exists solely in cyberspace, and could be accessed from any computer. The trick will be getting from cyber-money to something that can buy goods like beans and bullets, but there seems to be ways of doing that, such as moving from cyber to gold to fiat “monopoly” money, if necessary. The only way I see the global power elites dealing with this is by a radical Chinese communist-style censoring of the internet and the creation of even more totalitarian societies in the West. I think this is already happening and that the alternative cyber-money folk are not keeping an adequate eye on the growing threat to freedom, that will ultimately engulf their dream, as it did e-gold. It will be more difficult, but it is folly to under-estimate the evil of the Deep State globalists.



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Sunday, 12 July 2020
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