Courage, Truth and Justice: Remembering Dr David Mitchell By Ian Wilson LL.B

     Older readers should well remember Dr David Mitchell, scholar, lawyer, minister and general Christian gentlemen. All of us need to refresh our minds about this truly great man, in the Eric Butler league, by obtaining a tremendous new book by Dallas Clarnette, Courageous for Truth and Justice (2019), which gives a fitting tribute to Dr Mitchell’s life and works.
     Such a book is necessary because Dr Mitchell was one of those quiet workers, who steadfastly keep working away defending traditional Christian Australia, especially institutions such as the constitutional monarchy, over many decades. He saw before many of us the civilizational threats that the 1960s revolution had rung in, most notably in law. Thus, Dr Mitchell engaged in numerous pro bono (none paying cases) to defend those who were being abused by the politically correct legal system. I recall him saying to me, when I asked him, perhaps 15 years ago, about how he got on with judges, “Well Ian, they must just think, here comes Mitchell again!”
     I want people to buy this book and support the author, so I am not one for spoilers. But I cannot resist reporting on an extraordinary case where a Christian group was facing what seems to be an early race-hate case. Dr Mitchell defended the group by the most unusual move of denying that the church as such existed, so there was no defendant! He kept this line of argument up for over a year until the court awarded for him! Dr Mitchell also helped in the famous Noah’s Ark case, aiding the Creationist’s case against an academic who was a critic of Christianity, but now is beloved by us because he is attacking global warming.
     Overall a most worthy book for a truly good man. If only all men were made of the same moral fibre of Dr Michell, we would not be facing the problems we now do. But, alas. Hopefully, the hard times ahead will create other worthy champions of truth, freedom and justice. I would imagine that copies of Dallas Clarnette’s book would be available from the League; nothing comes up on Amazon, which is hardly surprising.



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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