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Corona Virus Soars By Brian Simpson

     The coronavirus continues to spread across the world with the first American dying, and five Britons have been diagnosed. However, the main event naturally continues to be China, where the death toll, or at least the official lie, is now standing at 805, surpassing the 2003 SARS outbreak. Crematoriums are working around the clock burning bodies, indicating that things are much worse than the communist government is letting on.

“A shocking report published Saturday local time by the Epoch Times revealed that crematoriums in China are struggling to keep up with the hundreds of bodies they are receiving, suggesting Beijing is undercounting the number of coronavirus deaths in the country. The Epoch Times, a Chinese-American anti-communist newspaper, sent journalists to speak with the heads of several funeral homes and crematoriums in Hubei province – whose capital, Wuhan, is the epicenter of the current novel coronavirus outbreak. The newspaper found that adding up the total number of people cremated per day in several funeral homes yielded a significantly larger number than the official number of deaths tallied since the outbreak began in December. The Chinese Communist Party alerted the world to the discovery of a new type of coronavirus on January 20, over a month after locals became aware of a disease spreading and 20 days after local officials shut down a wild meat market in Wuhan where the virus is believed to have originated. According to the Epoch Times, the crematoria were handling “4-5 times the usual cremation volume” per day.

Few of those cremated were officially confirmed as coronavirus cases. “I received 127 corpses yesterday [February 3], and burned 116. Among them, 8 were confirmed [coronavirus cases] on the death certificate and 48 were suspected,” a funeral home director in Hubei using the pseudonym “You Hu” told the newspaper. “I am about to collapse, we are under great pressure now.” The newspaper offered insight into a larger funeral home in Hankou, a Wuhan neighborhood, which it estimated had the capacity to burn 576 people per day. “You Hu” told the Epoch Times that the backlog of people waiting to be cremated was not due to lack of space in the burners, but lack of sufficient transportation and collapsing staff numbers, as few were sleeping or taking breaks. Due to transportation and staff limits, the Epoch Times estimated that the Hankou crematorium was burning 225 corpses a day. With this math, the newspaper concludes that Hubei province incinerated 341 bodies on February 3; China reported 65 deaths nationwide due to coronavirus that day. The article went on to state that Hubei province has eight municipal funeral homes. Similarly judging from their capacity for bodies and the amount of time the furnaces are running, the article adds another 135 patients a day to the tally from five of these. The other three, it concludes, burned 476 people a day. While less confident in these numbers since the journalists were unable to speak to their managers, these numbers reveal a rough estimate of nearly 1,000 people incinerated per day.”

     China is experiencing 50,000 new cases a day:

And, this is only the beginning:

“Quarantining 400 million people in China still leaves a reservoir of 1 billion people in hundreds of small cities and towns and thousands of villages who may catch the virus from people who returned home from cities before they were locked down. Here's how contagious viruses spread: a traveler who has the virus but doesn't yet have any symptoms rubs his nose beneath his mask and then takes the bus ticket and hands it to the driver. Then the traveler grabs the handrail in the bus, leaving viral particles. Later, in another bus station's bathroom, he lifts his mask because it's hot and uncomfortable and sneezes. Hundreds of other travelers pass through the bathroom within hours. This is why those most familiar with epidemics and pandemics say that trying to control the spread of a highly contagious virus is like trying to control the wind. The irony of all this is razor-sharp: the more authorities try to mask reality to maintain confidence, the more they destroy credibility, confidence, trust and faith. Once these intangibles are lost, the loss of confidence is self-reinforcing. Depression isn't just an economic number. It's a self-reinforcing loss of confidence. Do you really think quarantining 400 million people will stop the pandemic? Based on what, other than magical thinking and the reassurances of authorities who've sacrificed all credibility? Do you really think the Chinese economy can grind to a halt and absolutely nothing else in the global economy will be adversely impacted? Based on what, other than magical thinking and the reassurances of authorities who've sacrificed all credibility? With the loss of trust and faith comes disorder. When you've been lied to, you've been betrayed. Betrayal has consequences.”

     And, of course, the main consequence of betrayal is … death!



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Saturday, 30 May 2020
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