Consent Videos: A Deconstruction By Ian Wilson LL.B

     Non-Christian types, now the majority, who like to have extra-marital sex, have big problems today, due to the feminist rape culture, #MeTooism, you name it. One response of the plebs is getting a recorded account of consent:

     What do my brother and sister lawyers think of this one?

“Weighing in on the matter from a legal standpoint, barrister Kate Fortescue told the paper: "In this digital age, a jury is nearly always asked to look at material from phones and computers to help them decide the issue of consent. "Evidence of pre-recorded consent is clearly relevant and something a jury could consider. However, even if consent was freely given, such recordings could never provide a blanket defence." Judging how a court of law would interpret a "consent video", she added: "A 'yes', pre-recorded or not, can be just as ambiguous as some men suggest a 'no' is." And Katy Thorne QC added that a video was nothing more than evidence and could not always determine consent. She added: "The use of video or audio recorded consent is a very unromantic way to ask and may not be the cast iron protection the minor celebrity seeks, in fact texts and social media messages before and after the encounter might be as compelling."  

     I do not believe that the video evidence is beyond attack. There is the possibility of coercion, that the video did not record genuine consent. Then there is the possibility that the woman simply changed her mind, after the video was made. The safest thing is to remain celibate until marriage, and procreation. Sex as a recreational activity, the 1960s style, has ended, which is, from a Christian perspective, a good thing. Sure, there is the bonding aspect, but I think the Catholics have got it right in seeing the making of babies, the real raison d'être. 



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Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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