Confess Your Sins Against the Gods of Climate Change! By James Reed

     Clown world is in full swing, and I write this piece as the climate strike by angry school kids, and even some so-called enlightened capitalists, who have let their workers out of their day cages to protest, is underway. As if some school kids and university students are going to change the growth economy. All it will do is create more hardship for the very people the Left were supposed to support, workers and unemployed, if anything is done at all. Wait … stop press … in the right of the screen a news item just popped up:

“A group of school children who attended the climate change protest have admitted they just wanted the day off of school. More than 50,000 people flooded Sydney's streets as they made their way to the Domain to take part in the protest, calling for governments and businesses to commit to a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2030. As the sea of people made their way to the event at midday on Friday, some school students on scooters could be seen heading in the opposite direction - appearing disinterested in the event. In the heart of the city police were spotted wrestling with a man holding a plastic bag of rubbish as protesting onlookers watched on in horror. One elderly woman was left sprawled on the ground in pain as officers arrested the man and dragged him away from the crowd punching and screaming. A group of 14-year-old boys straggling at the back of the crowd near the Domain told Daily Mail Australia they weren't interested in the protest. They said they were just happy to be out of the class room. One of the boys said they were going to go to Subway for lunch as they were hungry. When asked why they came out for the event one replied: 'I just wanted the day off school'. 'A lot of our friends said they were coming so we thought we should come too.'”

     Ha! See! It is just a sham! And I bet that most of the other kids are just doing it to be part of the “cool” set. How many are going to give up using highly polluting mobile phones, yes, it takes a lot of material to make these things and supply the infrastructure and all the bs that goes with it?

     The climatically righteous kiddies are not going to like giving up on their phones to save the planet! I would say that the carbon footprint of the average student would be extremely high. Much hypocrisy and lack of thought here. And here:

“NBC News is prompting Americans to confess their climate change transgressions as part of a project titled “Climate Confessions.” As Democrat presidential candidates – as well as prominent members of Congress, such as members of the far-left “Squad” – continue to push aggressive forms of the Green New Deal, NBC is paralleling their concerns by encouraging Americans to anonymously admit their climate change faux pas. “Even those who care deeply about the planet’s future can slip up now and then,” NBC’s “Climate Confessions” reads.”

     But, surely IF the radical Leftoids are right, IF climate change is true, then the entire consumer capitalist growth economy would need to be remade. The changes are so great that it is not realistic to even speculate about it, being perhaps more disruptive than even the AI revolution at its worst case scenario. Dismantling the consumer society will mean that most of the socialists out today are going to starve to death. I guess that would reduce the carbon footprint somewhat if every Leftoid went that way, but it is not something we would want to see.

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Saturday, 25 January 2020
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