Commos Say: Christianity Does Not Belong in China! By James Reed

     It seems that along with putting people in concentration camps, organ harvesting and generally committing genocide of the Uyghurs, all facts the Left does not adequately face up to, even if only a passing mention is made of “cultural genocide” …

… there is the treatment of Christians, which is something of a combative sport for the commos:

“The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues its frantic campaign to erase crosses from even Party-controlled churches, the human rights magazine Bitter Winter reported on Tuesday, explaining to Christian residents the crosses must go because “Christianity does not belong in China.” Christianity has arguably a much older presence in much of China than it does in Western Europe and arrived there over a millennium before it did in the Americas. Despite this, dictator Xi Jinping has launched a campaign against the faith — as well as other challenges to CCP ideology like Islam and Tibetan Buddhism — branded “Sinicization.” Party officials insist that Christianity may only exist in China when it is reconciled with Chinese culture, which it defines as the doctrine of the CCP. Communism is an ideology founded out of the writings of European agitators. Karl Marx, its intellectual father, was born about 5,000 miles from Beijing. The Bitter Winter report this week focused on a town in Shandong province, northeast China, where locals say CCP officials began taking down the crosses from all legal “Three-Self Patriotic” churches. The “patriotic” church is the Party-approved version of Protestantism in the country; only four other religions — Chinese Catholicism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Islam — are legal in the country. The campaign to remove the crosses in the town, identified as Dazhongcun, reportedly began in July. “Amid the demolition, one of the town officials told onlookers that, ‘crosses must be removed from all churches because Christianity does not belong in China,’” the magazine reported.

In Linyi, a city in the province, officials reportedly began erasing public signs of Christianity in 2019, arguing that the faith was growing too popular too quickly for the Party to control. “On April 11, the municipal United Front Work Department convened an emergency meeting for the city’s Three-Self Church pastors, informing them,” Bitter Winter reported, “that because ‘there were too many Christians in Linyi,’ the provincial government had issued a red-headed document ordering to control the matter by cracking down [on] places of worship.” Reports of similar moves targeting the few Chinese Christians who actually use CCP-approved churches have surfaced nationwide. In some parts of the country, the churches have now become nondescript buildings. In others, the Party has adorned churches with the communist red star and other Marxist imagery. The Three-Self Church is highly unpopular among Chinese Christians, according to aid groups helping them continue to practice their faith in the country, because all sermons, Bibles, and other materials must be first approved by the Party, meaning that most has been diluted into communist propaganda incompatible with real Christian teachings. Instead, many Christians risk their lives by attending illegal “house” church services, in which the Christians of a given neighborhood gather secretly to worship without government supervision.”

     The Chinese communist part is busy re-writing the Bible. Let’s see how that will play out; will old Chairman Mao be Moses? Anyway, it is clear why the Left loves China so much, since the Chinese regime is strongly anti-Christian, and the West naturally joins with forces that are destructive of traditional Western values.



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Wednesday, 20 October 2021
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