Cobra Kai: No Bullshito Karate By “Johnny” Steele

     There is a new TV show from YouTube Red, Cobra Kai:

     This continues the story of The Karate Kid (1984). The original movie has typical cultural war stuff with the new ethnic kid in town, allegedly being bullied by the local blonde karate dudes. Ethnic kid gets trained by a magical Asian sorcerer and in a few weeks is a karate champion, who wins the major tournament, defeating the villain blonde Johnny. For anyone who has seen the movie, here is a parody from YouTube which puts the case for Johnny, and is absolutely hilarious, as well as being well-argued too:

     Cobra Kai has a slightly more balanced focus, and taking up the story when the boys are middle-aged men, portrays the ethnic kid, who is now a rich car salesman, as slick and tricky as he really was in the movie, and Johnny, as basically a “deplorable’ Trump voter. I am not aware of any American TV show where the hero, of sorts, makes politically incorrect remarks. Johnny snubs his nose at all the pc conventions. Johnny’s karate is directed to teaching young men and women not to be weak, and to physically stand up to bullies. There is a hilarious scene where in a karate championship the winner from last year, who is of the pedigree that one would predict, gives a speech about tolerance and all that. Johnny tells one of his competing students: “Kick this pussy bitch in the face.”

     Of course, boys and girls, this Uncle Johnny, yours truly, would never recommend that you do what Johnny in Cobra Kai recommends to his students, and actually fight back against injustice. If you have problems with someone at school defiling your lunch, or beating you to within an inch of your life,  do not do what I did, and fight the guy at lunch time, smashing his nose into fragments, and pounding his head into the pavement. No, don’t do that. That is assault and you will be sent to a penal colony in the newly settled lands of Australia, forever living as a criminal, never knowing freedom again. You don’t want that do you kiddies? Of course not! Just talk to the guidance counsellor, social worker, school pastor (if there is one), and work out how you can change your behaviour to defuse the situation. You will probably have to put up with a myriad of abuse and humiliation, especially if you are white, and this degradation will increase in direct proportion to the lightness of your skin, hair and eye colour, with Nordic Anglo types copping it, big time. That’s just the way it is: 



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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