Climate Change Hokum By Jammers Reed

     I am in such a state of mental decline due to psycho-political psychosis that I even typed my own name wrong, but I really like “Jammers,” so let it stay for today. I will even wear my baseball cap sideways, not back-to-front, starting a new trend, yeah, cool and other buzz words, like “global warming.” And speaking of buzz and fuzz, what’s new with the climate change hokum? Glad you asked:

“Alan Jones has responded after being attacked on the ABC last night. Q and A featured a stacked panel of climate change scientists who went after Alan, despite him not even being on the panel. A question was asked by a television viewer, with CSIRO scientist Professor David Karoly responding with, “Not everything Jones says is factually accurate.” Despite admitting that many of Alan’s statistics are in fact correct, Professor Karoly continued the attack. “I am a climate scientist, and Alan Jones is wrong.” Alan has defended himself, saying it was a “stacked outfit” on the program, not designed for debate but to further their agenda. He also spoke with Swedish climate scientist Dr Nils Axel-Morner who says it’s “completely nonsense” to claim sea levels are rising and carbon is bad.”

     Keep up the good work, big Al.



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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