Class Warfare is Never the Answer By James Reed

     I admire Andrew Bolt and the great work that he is doing. However this column:, “Labor’s Society of Bludgers,” seems to be reverting back to old fashioned class warfare.
     Of course, we know that the vision of Labor, like all of the Left, is one of parasitism, to have the many feed off of the few, especially through its tax policy on high income earners, which they think will pull in $10.8 billion over the next four years. That is not new and is what socialists do, just like dogs like to mess up lamp posts.

     A more urgent task for thinkers is to outline to the public the challenge which social credit poses to the established financial and economic system. This site has numerous articles on this, but let me tell the story simply. Today, many people are struggling to even buy a reasonable quantity of groceries to keep body and soul together. This is a dramatic illustration of the deficiency of purchasing power. There is no shortage of goods, but people do not have the money to get them. This intuition says that there is something fundamentally wrong with the present system and that we need to strive to find something better, to solve the fundamental economic problem.
     So, Andrew, how about a bit of thinking outside of the box, if you dare!

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Monday, 20 January 2020
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