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Civil War II Unfolds By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     Mike Adams has published a recent no-holds barred, full contact description of how Civil War II in America will unfold if President Trump is impeached. My only comment is that even if Trump is not impeached, the level of division is now much greater than in the period leading up to Civil War I, so a social collapse is coming either way. Australians need to be aware of this, because the coming chaos in America will leave your society totally vulnerable to China. Are you ready for what is coming your way?

     First, Adams makes a disclaimer: “This author does not condone any of the actions outlined below. This is analysis, not a call for action. Many of the events described below involve mass executions and other horrific crimes. We hope to see none of this come to pass.” Yes, agree, fair enough. Adams says:

“#1) The stock market will implode. That’s because Trump seems to be the only person remaining in Washington D.C. who doesn’t want the stock market to crash. If Dems seize power, expect a collapse of the stock market and U.S. economic activity as Wall Street investors head for the exits. Democrats will thrust America into an economic nosedive approaching Venezuela-scale collapse.
#2) Once Trump is impeached, convicted and removed from office, the focus will immediately shift to removing Mike Pence so that Nancy Pelosi — current Speaker of the House — becomes President without any election taking place. (Note that the deep state traitors absolutely despise the voters and will do everything possible to override the will of the People.)
#3) Once Nancy Pelosi becomes President, she will immediately push to nominate and have Hillary Clinton confirmed as Vice President. This will require confirmation from the Senate, but if Senate Republicans have already lost any backbone to prevent the conviction of Trump, they will have no resistance whatsoever to Democrats shoving Hillary Clinton down America’s throat.
#4) At this point, the Republican party will have folded into oblivion, and the GOP will cease to exist as an influential political party in America. The Democrats will push for absolute rule through the continued elimination of their political opponents as described below. The voters will abandon the GOP and send them packing, opting for a new, independent political party to challenge the lawlessness and tyranny of the Democrats.
#5) This is not a prediction, but a possibility: After being removed from office, President Trump could form his own political party and run for president again. If elected, he could serve two more terms, since his first term will have been nullified by the impeachment effort. Most Americans who previously voted for Trump as a member of the GOP would go with Trump to the new “Trump party,” and the GOP would collapse to little more than a handful of delusional Washington academics who mentally circle jerk each other with elitist conversations like, “We are so polite” and “tis better to lose an election than be criticized by the media.”
#6) After removing Trump from office and installing Hillary Clinton as President, Democrats will immediately begin to work to reverse all of Trump’s Supreme Court nominees, which so far cover Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. This will be pushed with the media-led narrative that goes something like this: “Since Trump was convicted of working with the Russians to steal the election, everything he did while in office is tainted with criminality and must be reversed.” …
#7) Beyond merely removing Trump’s Supreme Court justices, an effort will be made to reverse all of Trump’s federal judge nominations which have already been confirmed by the U.S. Senate. This will impact hundreds of federal judges. But remember, the Dems will claim orange man bad, and therefore all the orange man’s decisions must be reversed and nullified. (Never mind the fact that impeachment is the Dems’ attempt to nullify an entire election and erase the votes of the American people…)
#8) There’s one more thing that will take place on the nullification front: Dems will attempt to reverse Trump’s tax cut, his de-fanging of Obamacare and all his eliminations of regulatory burdens on various businesses. They will also claim that every executive order, international agreement or treaty signed by Trump is now null and void.
#9) Removing Trump will also unleash a coordinated agenda to block the upcoming confirmations of pro-Second Amendment judges to federal courts. As the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms explains in a November 1 press release:

…[T]here is a “hidden agenda” behind the impeachment efforts of House Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi and it is designed to tie up the U.S. Senate and derail efforts to confirm more pro-Second Amendment judges to the federal courts. “It is clear to us that Capitol Hill anti-gunners are doing everything in their power to prevent confirmation of conservative judges who will adhere to the Constitution,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “By burdening the Senate with this nonsense, Democrats believe they can prevent confirmation of pro-Second Amendment judicial nominees during the final year of President Donald Trump’s first term.”

     I agree that all this is set to pass. Adams then goes on to hypothesize that patriots will materialize out of the woodwork, and march with their guns in hand on Washington DC to set things right. I personally do not see this happening, like that, anyway. It is more likely that things will devolve into a “war of the flea,” if any armed revolt occurs. It is possible that there could be a military coup against the Deep State, but that will pit military against military. It will be interesting to see if this does happen, whether the Deep Dark Lords will order nuclear strikes upon US targets.

     A time of great chaos is approaching and it is important that people begin prepping for survival, including Australians. As an example, from Europe, things are so bad in Sweden that even its cucked deracinated government is urging all people to become preppers, and has issued a booklet on how to prepare for the coming collapse:

     Collapse will only be an improvement.



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Thursday, 28 May 2020
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