Civil War 2.0: The Coming Future of Mexamerica By Chris Knight

     Many of us see civil wars breaking out all over the West from the utter failure of immigration and multiculturalism policies. But, we are only a few voices among many, so consider the views of American patriots who also see their world falling apart:

“Is the United States heading down a path towards Civil War? According to author and columnist John Wilder, the answer is yes. Wilder argues that the divisiveness that currently exists in America (and, notably, was perpetuated for almost a full decade under the so-called leadership of Barack Obama) is going to be the leading cause of a second civil war in our country, which Wilder predicts will happen as early as 2024 and as late as 2032. Wilder also noted that the only thing he believes would be able to stop this inevitable conflict is a prolonged, total war that would place the entire existence of America in jeopardy. However, since prolonged war often leads to the use of extreme weapons like bombs and missiles, “civil war might be the best-case scenario.” In order to further illustrate this divisiveness, Wilder cited a Dartmouth survey, which found that while 45 percent of liberals would be uncomfortable having a roommate with opposing political views, just 12 percent of conservatives would feel uncomfortable in the same scenario. This, he argued, demonstrates that liberals (or at least young liberals, for that matter) are significantly more close-minded and more opposed to diversity than their right-wing counterpart.”

     My position is that the view of such conservatives is somewhat optimistic and the election of President Trump has really thrown a rabbit among the wolves, who now more openly show their fangs. Civil war has already been going for some time in the US, but it has been a very one sided affair, done entirely by the Deep State and their Leftoid useful idiots. It will be interesting to see how things pan out if the great unwashed ever wake up in fright.



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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