Christians and Self-Defence By John Steele

     I am not a theologian, or even a profound thinker; maybe not a thinker at all. But my gut instincts have saved my life on many occasions, especially in ‘Nam. Thus, I note with concern, the trend among Christians of pacifism, and anti-guns. The situation in Australia is much worse than in America, as I think we are more cucked and weaker. But the trend exists here too. This has been noted by the Christian survivalist writer John Wesley Rawles:

“There is a distressing passivity and fatalism in the church these days.  Many have been suckered by the false meekness of pacifism and even flaunt their defenseless, as if it is a badge of honor!  To them, trusting in God means denying themselves the God-given right and command to defend themselves and others.  For them, faith is submitting to all authority, even if that is the ‘authority’ of a scumbag caving their head in, or the head of their child with a club or simply accepting raping murderers into the country without question.  They turn their cheek to make it easier for their attacker to slit their throat.  Not only is this attitude disgustingly delusional, it is cowardice gilded with false piety. I am not exaggerating with this example.  When I took my mandated training course for my CCW permit, the instructor, a devoted Christian, told us a horrifying anecdote:  While at a conference, he was advertising his business and an irate woman told him firearms, and for that matter self-defense have no place in the life of a Christian. Calmly asking what she would do if someone held a gun to her child’s head, the child having shown interest in this man’s booth, he received the response “If they died, that’s God’s will.”  I hope you are as sickened and disturbed by this response as I was.”

     Absolutely, even more disturbed than I normally am, which is saying something for someone who suffers from PTSD, and was profoundly disturbed most of his life, before even becoming more disturbed.

     Australians are much worse because our socialist state-controlled society has given us no effective right of self-defence, as there is no right to carry weapons, so that decent ordinary people are always at the mercy of ferals, who carry weapons regardless of the law; you know all of the home invasion stuff that Andrew Bolt does a great job covering. Of course, the police cannot ever get there in time, even if one could ring them, hence the long list of victims of crime each day. Although Australia is not a real country, only a toy country, a plaything of the globalists, with even the basic freedoms that people in pre-modernity had (cavemen at least had a right to defend themselves with clubs and rocks, the assault rifles of the times), the hypothetical about the God-given right to self-defence is still interesting. Here is what Mr Rawles has to say, beginning with the proposition that bad things happen, even to Christians:

“It is important to address the creeping idiocy that there’s no chance of such a horror happening to you.  This is not just a Christian problem but one of general society as well.  The first step before effectively defending oneself and ones loved ones is to admit that there is a chance, however statistically slim it is thank God, that we will face horrors in this life.  For a Christian, we need look no further than John 15:19. It reads:

“If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you”. I’d certainly say murder, kidnapping, rape, and assault are forms of hate, wouldn’t you?  This is just one verse but it should already be clear that Christians must expect evil.  Further, the idea of self defense can be found Exodus 22.  If it is morally incorrect for us to defend ourselves and those we love, then why would God himself set guidelines for acceptable violence? Further verses regarding self defense can be found in Luke 22:35-38 with it’s instructions to buy a sword even if it costs you your garment. Also read Nehemiah 4:13.  While we are indeed instructed to turn the other cheek, this is in response to insults, not deadly attack.  Anyone not understanding this should be reminded in ancient Israel, a slap was a common insult, along with beard tugging and spitting.  It was not a physical assault as we would call it today. Of course, this is not likely to work in a single conversation. Continue to lovingly and patiently speak with the people you care about, discussing and maybe debating these verses and others and current events.  God-willing over time they may begin to see your point.  There is no guarantee and I doubt anyone would assume these steps are concrete.  However, it is important to have a Biblical and logical framework for your argument and I believe these steps will be useful to be that framework.”

     Yes, I am certain that will work. Oh, while I am here beating the manhood drum, I saw the great story about a US man who was attacked from behind by a mountain lion, while running on a Colorado mountain. Unfortunately for the would-be predator, the man fought back, and strangled it with his bare hands. Impressive.

     There is moral for us all, buried in the fur of that one.



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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
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