Chinese Guy Questions Diversity Cult, Gets Squashed By Chris Knight

     It is no longer Whites who step out of line who are getting splattered; Asian critics are too.

“Earlier in the week, we posted an interesting video from ex-Google and Facebook employee, Patrick Shyu, who explained why he thought "diversity" policies were creating more problems than solutions. It appears the video, which went viral, did not sit well with the social media overlords of the ministry of truth, as Shyu has just been banned from Facebook, and shadowbanned from YouTube, after 10 years on the platform. As Shyu begins, "...just because you didn't like something I said... for 10 years I said all great things and then one time I say something that you may not necessarily like, you disable my entire account and I lose access to all the past 10 years information... and there's no explanation, no customer service, and not much an appeals process."

     Indeed, the end of free speech is a pedestrian part of modern life, as the great spiral down, out of control, continues.



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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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