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China Wisely Rejects Yellow Genocide Mass Immigration By James Reed

     We know that the globalist elites hope to kill our kind, in a long-drawn out miserable process, and that we fight a desperate battle, ten thousand times worse than The Lord of the Rings, to even save anything of Traditional society at all, while apathy and a dumbing down of IQ are set to finish us off. Not a single destructive stone has been not upturned against our kind, and probably if one million dollars was offered in a contest just to come up with some new nail to put in the coffin of white Western civilisation, the money would be unclaimed. All the effort that could have been spent putting humanity out to mars and  the stars, has gone into the culture of the political czars. But, I digress; China has seen the writing on the wall for it, being the next head to be put on the chopper, and is taking action:

“Families that have two children will enjoy preferential policies for housing loans in Xianning, Hubei province, in Central China, under one of the local government's new measures to encourage new births. The city's health and family planning commission published a document on Wednesday announcing several measures regarding baby care and home purchases to help families with two children. In what is believed to be a first for China, families with two children will get the same interest rate for their second home purchase as that for the first home under the new measures. Usually, families have to pay higher interest when they take out a loan to buy a second home in the city and other places in China.

The new measures also encourage employers to give longer maternity and paternity leave for two-child parents. While the current maternity leave for new mothers in Hubei is 128 days, Xianning's government extends the maternity leave to six months for two-child mothers, while two-child fathers have one month's paternity leave-15 days longer than the provincial level. The document also stipulates that workplaces should pay the same salaries to them during maternity and paternity leaves. In addition, the city is pushing employers to allow flexible work schedules for pregnant women and mothers who have children 3 years old and younger. Employers are encouraged to provide babysitting areas and facilities at the workplace when they have the ability to do so. The city will also provide prenatal genetic testing for women who have a second child in the city, and the women will get 300 yuan ($44) in subsidies for medical check-ups during the pregnancy.”

    Our kind will probably not be around to see it, but the final battle will involve the globalist elites attempting to take out China. The strategy to destroy a cucked and apathetic West, took a long time, and it may not work against the Chinese, who know how the West was lost. I am curious to know how the human story will end. I suspect that the final destruction of the West, in a globally interconnected world, will pull down the tent of civilisation and bring about a new Dark Age. I will probably not even see that, but at least this Cassandra tried to warn the unhearing. 



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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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