China Wants to Muzzle Aussie Dogs? By James Reed

     Sorry, I got that wrong, the muzzling is of MPs, pollies, so now every dog in the country is going to hate me, and bite me when I go for my evening stroll, if I am now allowed out of my kennel. Such is the life of high-pressure journalism. Oh, speaking of dogs and riots and all that stuff about the thin blue line:

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been told to put a “muzzle” on Chinese critics in a blistering attack by the Communist Party’s media mouthpiece. The Global Times published a number of inflammatory articles across the weekend amid heightened tensions between China and Australia, including one that described Liberal MP Andrew Hastie as “a thug of the United states”. He was further blasted along with Labor MP Kimberley Kitching for dining with the US ambassador Arthur B Culvahouse in Canberra. The communist rag claimed the ambassador had been made an honorary member of the Wolverines - a group of Australian MP’s known for the criticism of China’s questionable human rights record. “The relationship between Australia and the US is very close in every way. It is an open secret that anti-China groups like the Wolverines could be used to undermine relations between China and Australia at the behest of the US,” Ruan Zongze, executive vice president and senior research fellow at the China Institute of International Studies, told the Global Times. “These anti-China politicians are motivated by their interests and are happy to be thugs of the US to enhance their presence without considering China-Australia relations or Australia’s interests.” It also took aim at Liberal Senator James Paterson for his support of pro-democracy protests, claiming he had “stuck his nose in Hong Kong affairs.” “Chinese academics are urging the Morrison government to stop extreme groups like the Wolverines and politicians and commentators from spreading the US’ anti-China virus,’’ the article stated. “Unless this happens, Australia could find itself involved in a China-US ‘Cold War’ due to cheap tricks from second-rate politicians who play the China card while hurting bilateral economic co-operation and trade amid COVID-19.” The publication said Australia’s success as a “middle power” was dependent on its ability to maintaining good relations with China.”

     Well, that seals it, appealing to the middle classes, who for thousands of years have been concerned with their material comfort. So, we had best just let China do what it will. Threatening the sacred economy, is like threatening to destroy the entire universe. For some. For me, I say, let it fall; we need to rebuild.



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Sunday, 13 June 2021
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