China Wanted the Wuhan Flu to Spread By Brian Simpson

     Trump would have rocks in his head not to push the China/Wuhan flu as an election issue, the election issue, next to, of course, the planned destruction of America.

“Beijing sat on vital information related to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) for weeks, according to a new report based on several recordings recently obtained by the Associated Press. As per the report, the Chinese government did not immediately cooperate with the World Health Organization (WHO), contrary to what the latter organization had previously claimed, but instead opted to drag its feet, frustrating top officials at the NGO. The news organization noted that Beijing not only deliberately suppressed the release of critical information regarding the initial outbreak in Wuhan, it also withheld a map of the virus’s genome for about a week after researchers from three different government laboratories finished mapping it. As relayed by the recordings, China only decided to release the information to the WHO after a team of Chinese researchers shared the information with another third party ?– a markedly different scenario from the one pushed by the United Nations health agency, who publicly praised China for what it called a speedy response to the novel coronavirus. This constant public lauding from the health agency, the recordings suggest, was part of the WHO’s plan to coax out more information from Beijing, with WHO staffers ?– reportedly the source of the leaks ?– heard complaining about the Chinese government’s habit of providing information piecemeal.

“We’re currently at the stage where yes, they’re giving it to us 15 minutes before it appears on CCTV,” said Gauden Galea, the organization’s top official in China, referring to the state-owned China Central Television, which is the first media agency to broadcast new information from Chinese authorities. As detailed in the AP report, the delay caused by China in the release of the genome effectively stalled the recognition of COVID-19’s spread to other countries, along with the global development of critical treatments. Not only that, but the lack of detailed patient data ?– again, critical information withheld by China – also made it even harder to determine how quickly the coronavirus was spreading globally. “We’re going on very minimal information,” American epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s current technical lead for COVID-19, said in one internal meeting. “It’s clearly not enough for you to do proper planning.” As per the report, WHO staffers, aside from constantly debating on how to press Beijing for the valuable gene sequences, as well as detailed patient data that can be used to address the pandemic, also worried about the possibility of getting Chinese scientists into trouble. According to the AP, it was Michael Ryan, WHO’s chief of emergencies, who told colleagues it was time to “shift gears” and apply more pressure on China unless they want to see a repeat of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2003 that infected over 8,000 and killed nearly 800 people worldwide.

The SARS outbreak, much like the current COVID-19 pandemic, started in China. The AP report came in the wake of Washington’s decision to cut funding for the WHO ?– a decision the Trump administration arrived at after weeks of blasting the organization for allegedly colluding with Beijing to hide the extent of the coronavirus crisis. “We will be today terminating our relationship with the World Health Organization and redirecting those funds to other worldwide and deserving urgent global public health needs,” President Donald Trump said during a press briefing at the Rose Garden, noting that the organization failed to comply with the U.S. government’s requests for reforms. Trump previously sent a letter to the WHO, demanding that the organization make “major substantive improvements.” The Trump team, however, did not explain what those improvements and reforms are. The U.S. is currently the biggest funder of the global health body, paying about USD 450 million in membership dues, as well as voluntary contributions for the body’s specific programs. WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has confirmed Trump’s move.

“The U.S. government’s and its people’s contribution and generosity toward global health over many decades has been immense, and it has made a great difference in public health all around the world. It is WHO’s wish for this collaboration to continue,” Tedros said. He declined to give any more comments. China, meanwhile, as a response to the new report, said the AP was “seriously inconsistent with the facts” in its investigation. At a press briefing Wednesday, Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, decried the points presented by the AP report, noting that “the facts and data are in plain sight” and that Beijing acted “with openness, transparency and a sense of responsibility.” Zhao, however, did not directly address the comments made by WHO officials in the recordings.”

    As I read it, that makes China responsible for thousands of deaths. Then there is this too:

“The city of Harbin in northeastern China has experienced a renewed outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) in the past months. However, local authorities have remained silent, despite continued reports of cases and deaths coming out of the city. After a brief period in April, when most regions of China reported little to no new coronavirus infections, a second wave of outbreaks broke out in several Chinese provinces. One of these was the northeastern province of Heilongjiang, where Harbin is the capital. Local authorities, however, have tried to hide the impact of the new outbreak on the province. Officially, the last COVID-19 death in the province happened way back on February 27. Since then, the province’s official death toll has remained the same, at 13 people. However, people who actually live there have said otherwise.

Harbin coronavirus patients confirm outbreak is spreading in hospitals
If Harbin authorities are to be believed, the last COVID-19 patient in the city was discharged from the hospital where he was being treated on May 16. Locals, however, paint a different story. Talking to The Epoch Times, a number of patients at the Harbin No. 2 Hospital stated that they knew of some people in the hospital who had died COVID-19 on top of a larger number of patients currently being isolated because of it. Zhang Ling, Li Ping and Zhou Yang all contracted the coronavirus after having visited the hospital in early April. They said that they were healthy when they visited the hospital and that they caught the virus while taking care of their spouses who were being treated for non-virus-related illnesses. The four had apparently contracted the virus from an 87-year old COVID-19 patient who was staying at the hospital’s 17th floor. The spouses of the four were also on that floor. Three of them were eventually diagnosed with COVID-19 and two eventually died from the disease.

Patients catching COVID-19 after visiting the hospital for non-coronavirus related illnesses
Li Ping’s husband was one of the patients who died. The latter had been confined at the No. 2 Hospital for a non-virus related illness since March 29 when he suddenly lost consciousness and died on April 8. During that time, the hospital staff did not tell Li about the risks of contracting the virus in the hospital. They only told her April 16, when Li herself was already confined at the hospital for COVID-19. Though the hospital never tested Li’s husband, she now believes that he died of COVID-19 as well. Meanwhile, Li’s sister and daughter-in-law have since been diagnosed with COVID-19, with their infections traced to her. Zhang Ling and her husband caught the disease under similar circumstances to Li. Zhang’s husband was originally confined due to a tumor but had responded well to treatment and was told by doctors on April 9 that he could be discharged in two days. However, on the evening of April 10, he developed a fever. The next day, Zhang noticed that the hospital staff on the 17th floor had suddenly been changed. “On the morning of April 11, all doctors and nurses were changed up. The newly arrived medical staff all wore protective suits. The previous ones didn’t wear them,” Zhang said. “We [were] very anxious, but the doctors said they have no solutions,” Zhang added. “They didn’t give us any medicine, and are hoping our bodies recover by ourselves.” Zhou Yang, whose wife had been receiving treatment for dementia at the No. 2 Hospital also noticed the change in staff, saying that they were in a panic during that time. On April 11, the hospital started conducting nucleic acid tests. Zhang, Zhou and their spouses all tested positive for the coronavirus. According to Zhang, 30 COVID-19 patients are currently being treated in the No. 2 Hospital, while five had died. Of the surviving patients, 20 had originally tested negative in nucleic acid tests, but later tested positive in antibody tests. While Zhang and her husband are confined at the No. 2 Hospital, Zhou and his wife were transferred to the Harbin Infection Hospital.

Authorities are downplaying the outbreak all over China
Harbin isn’t the only city in northeastern China that has tried to cover up its coronavirus outbreak. In Jilin, the capital of the neighboring province of the same name, authorities also underreported the number of coronavirus cases in the city. In addition, they have tried to cover up the fact that a number of medical staff had been infected with the coronavirus. Northeastern China isn’t the only region where these coronavirus cover-ups have happened. Evidence shows that Chinese authorities have tried their best to downplay outbreaks in other regions as well. This underreporting has cast doubt on China’s officially reported coronavirus numbers. Official data claims that the country only has around 84,000 coronavirus cases. However, reports indicate that the actual number may be much higher.”

     So, it is back to business as usual, while the West just takes it, and people die. Ok, not as many as the shock, fear reports from our scientists would lead us to believe, maybe. Still it shows: Western lives don’t matter.



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Sunday, 13 June 2021
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