China to Make Genetically Engineered Super-Soldiers; Australia to Make Ginger Bread Men! By James Reed

     China is getting down and making all of those comic book dreams, or nightmares true, with genetically engineered super-soldiers.

“China may be planning to genetically-modify its soldiers for an army of Terminator-style super troops, a defence think tank has warned. Experts at Rusi say GM soldiers could be faster, stronger and cleverer than their battlefield opponents and even feel no pain. Their DNA could also be adapted to help them recover more quickly from injuries or give them superior hearing and night vision. Rusi’s Professor John Louth said: “The threat is obvious and real. Chinese money could be stealing a march on western armed forces and that is deeply concerning.” The warning comes after Chinese scientist He Jiankui said he used gene-editing technology to make GM babies. “GM technology is proven with plants, it could absolutely be applied to the person,” Prof Louth added. “In China, it is reasonable to assume that they are enhancing their battlefield soldiers on all these fronts.” China jailed Dr Jiankui for “illegal medical practices” over his claims to have made three babies immune to HIV.”

     Clearly the counter to this is to go the full Terminator mode and skip biology and just go for purely AI fighting robots. How can DNA, however modified, really compare to that? Robots can have many of the powers of superheroes, such as heat vision, so that the final battles of humanity will be not only apocalyptically bloody, street to street, but colourful and interesting too. It will be like watching a Marvel movie, only in real life.



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Sunday, 13 June 2021
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