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China; the Third Reich of the 21st Century By James Reed

     China is intensely nationalist, and definitely socialist, so, doesn’t that make it a form of national, or nationalist, socialism? Some go further, seeing China as the Third Reich of the West, and that is a Chinese opinion too, note that Ms Sensitive Anti-Racist thought police womyn.

“Scholar Gordan Chang warns that the United States must ultimately “disengage from China” on all fronts if it is to maintain its status as a global superpower or risk China’s massive potential to change the geopolitical structure of the world. Chang, who just returned from Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea, spoke on The Sara Carter Show where he described the current state of Beijing and the authoritarian government’s influence across the globe. “This is the Third Reich in the 21st century,” said Chang. China’s policy “is incompatibility with our system. We are unfortunately going to have to reverse course and disengage from China to protect ourselves – to reduce our vulnerability to an extremely dangerous actor.” This reporter was recently in Japan and South Korea with Chang and other experts who attended the international CPAC conventions. It is an international effort to connect with foreign allies who are battling increased pressure by socialist and leftist leaders bent on targeting open markets, democracy and independence. “What we have to do ultimately is to disengage from China to get our companies out of China, to get China out of the United States because we cannot live with this militant Communist superstate that takes the position that China is the world’s only sovereign state,” said Chang. He noted that the Chinese government sees the U.S. as  basically subjects of Beijing’s expansion and that the communist government believes “Americans must acknowledge Chinese sovereignty and obey them.”

     This is the end result of the Left revolution in the West, that critically weakened all Western societies, especially the United States. It produced a decadent people who lulled by the comforts of consumerism, have lost all sense of reality and danger, and capacity to fight, something past generations had. Things are grim, to say the least, and China may rule the world for a little while, until it too collapses.



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Friday, 29 May 2020
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