China Shows that Diversity is Not a Strength By James Reed

     The mass immigrationist, multiculturalist elites, and others profiting from the Nordicide of the West, proudly proclaim that diversity, meaning less whites, is a “strength.” This concept is never explained, but whatever it means it should mean that ethno-racially homogeneous societies should be basket cases. Yet, East Asian, especially China, has not adopted such polices of national suicide, and look what China is achieving, that what the West should have if it was not preoccupied with self-destruction.

“China is taking its renewable energy push to new heights, literally, after the country's scientists revealed plans to build and launch in orbit a space solar station that could capture the Sun’s rays 24/7, Chinese media report.
China has already started to build an early experimental space power plant in the city of Chongqing, The Sydney Morning Herald reported, citing an article in China’s Science and Technology Daily. The space solar station, planned to orbit the Earth at 36,000 kilometers (22,370 miles) could provide “an inexhaustible source of clean energy for humans,” according to Pang Zhihao, a researcher at the China Academy of Space Technology Corporation. Such solar power technology could supply reliable energy 99 percent of the time and have six times the intensity of the solar farms that work on the earth, the scientist says. China will start by launching small solar stations between 2021 and 2025, while a possible next step would be a Megawatt-level station planned to be built in 2030. The energy from the space solar station would be converted into a microwave or laser beam that would be sent to the earth.”

     Where the decadent Greenies in the West dream of a solar-powered world, and encourage school kids to protest about carbon and all that, China has sped ahead with solutions. But none of this should be possible if the diversity cult has correct.
Please explain.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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