China’s Rape Camps By James Reed

     The Left have not spoken a word about this, but anything challenging open borders is racist, and hell, it makes you fit for being bashed to death, which is the  way of the radical Left, as seen by vicious attacks upon innocent Trump supporters:

     Then there is what has been called, “China’s genocide’:

“Muslim women in Chinese prison camps are being subjected to systematic rape, sterilisation and forced abortions, survivors have claimed. Escapees who have taken refugee abroad are now sharing their stories of life inside the Xinjiang detention centres, in which the UN says more than 1,000,000 ethnic Uighurs are being held. China describes the camps as ‘training centres’ to help deter extremists, but former prisoners say they are being used to curb the country’s Muslim population. Student Ruqiye Perhat spent four years in prison after the 2009 Urumqi riots triggered her arrest in Xinjiang. She states that any woman or man under the age of 35 was ‘raped and sexually abused’ inside the camp. Ms Perhat, now 30, told the Washington Post that she was repeatedly raped by Han Chinese guards, resulting in two pregnancies which were both aborted while she was in prison. Other former prisoners described how younger women would be taken from their packed cells by guards in the night. Gulzira Auelkhan, 40, said the men would put ‘bags on the heads of the ones they wanted’ during the 18 months she spent in the camp. Kazakh and Chinese citizen Gulzira Mogdyn, 38, was imprisoned after WhatsApp was found on her phone in December 2017. At the time, she was 10 weeks pregnant, but Ms Mogdyn says officials told her she was not allowed to have the child, and removed it from her body without anaesthetic the next day.

Other accounts cite women being forced to smear ground chilli peppers onto their genitals before showering, or being implanted with intrauterine devices against their will. Human rights advocate Aiman Umarova said: ‘Sexually violating women, including stopping them from reproducing, has become a weapon for China against its Muslim population.’ One dead and three missing after New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel collapses China is also accused of keeping thousands of Uighur children away from their Muslim parents and attempting to ‘indoctrinate’ them in camps posing as schools or orphanages. Earlier this month shocking drone footage showed large groups of detainees being led into Chinese prison camps wearing blindfolds, with their hands bound and their heads shaven. The alleged prisoners, thought to be ethnic minority Uighurs, each wear vests with the words ‘Kashgar Detention Center’ on their back.”

     Along with this is a bit of racial redecoration:

“The Chinese Communist Party has razed dozens of Uighur Muslim cemeteries in western Xinjiang province to create more “civilized” areas, the Agence-France Presse (AFP) reported on Wednesday. China has taken over Uighur burial rites and replaced them with Communist Party-controlled cremations staged in “burial management centers” that ban religious activity surrounding the handling of a person’s remains. Uighur locals and activists have accused China of attempting to erase the ethnic minority’s history and uproot them from their ancestral home. The Communist Party has also built thousands of concentration camps in Xinjiang holding millions of Uighurs – and used the camps to excuse the replacement of private burials with “burial management centers,” arguing that they are necessary because not enough young men remain free from the concentration camps to help carry bodies and perform burial rites. Survivors of the concentration camps say Beijing is subjecting Uighurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz people, and other minorities to a host of human rights atrocities, including murder, rape, forced sterilization, and organ harvesting. The use of government force to kill, sterilize, or rape a people out of existence fits the United Nations international legal definition of genocide.”

     The Left remain silent about this genocide, since most are implicit agents of communist China in some shape or form. The West though is seen by the Left as intrinsically evil, which is just what one would expect from a severe infection of white pathology:



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Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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